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  1. exactly what i did.....missed out on rz2 though....jeez they must have gone quick!!!!
  2. I suppose it kind of beats the 'old days' of trying to get through on the phone - like Popmart 98...still got seats a few rows back from the front - lucky I guess!! Wish we would get the email through IF they are going to stagger the times - I'm a tradie and have to try and time it with an internet cafe visit!! Out of interest - for all the Subiaco people, specifically GA, what time do you plan on arriving at venue? My last U2 gig was in Manchester 06 - I reckon we arrived about 2pm - got to front of stage easily....Only trouble is you'd want to (well me anyway!!) really let loose and have a few beers which just aint possible!! Now what are the seating plans again......!!!
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