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  1. In 1988 I was serving in the military and on Sunday afternoon I was in the housing of my company with nothing to do, was listening to music on local radio, was when he played New Year's Day, was the first time I hear a song from U2 Band I turned fan. Some time later I met a girl, started studying together in the same classroom, we started dating and got married. Concerning music, had very different taste, but had a common band was U2. We buy all CDs, all DVDs, all magazines and all related articles U2 have had access to, but never had the opportunity to take in a show band. Feed this desire for years, decades and only realize our dream 23 years later, in 2011 when we went to the U2 show at Morumbi in São Paulo, Brazil. The U2 was part of my adolescence, youth and inspires me today. Surely this band added something more in my relationship with my wife and her music that moves me, make me go, make me happy. Thank you U2.
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