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  1. Hi sorry, I’m sure this has been asked. I’m looking to buy tix fro LA2 on the general on sale Monday. Where will I get my verified fan password? i have used my experience pw already for another show and my citi pw that I got for Vegas doesn’t seem to work. Truth is I’m not sure I properly regestered for LA2. Frustrated and confused
  2. Important - for those who received the rejection email (I did last night) just received the text from u2.com!!! i quickly went to TM mobile site and picked up Red Zone for Tulsa. Please keep an eye on your phones for the text they may be resolving this...
  3. great and there's 1000's of tickets on Stub Hub
  4. has there been any resolution for those that received the rejection email?
  5. @Max Tsukino Same here. I show setup complete in my acct page. I did also apply for the citi presale as i'm hoping to go to both LA and Vegas.
  6. i just received this same email after receiving the confirmation email a couple hours ago. Ive been a member for like 15 years Dear U2.com Subscriber, Thank you for registering for the U2.com Verified Subscriber presale. Unfortunately, we mistakenly sent you a confirmation email earlier tonight. Contrary to the email you were sent earlier, we are unable to offer you access to the presale. While presale access is only one benefit included with your U2.com subscription, we recognize that it is important to many Subscribers. If you would like a refund of your subscription, please contact us using the Contact Us form on the Help page, and select 'Verified Subscriber Refund Request' from the dropdown menu. We apologize for the confusion. The U2.com Team
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