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  1. From what I understand, you would have to meet at the venue and go in together.
  2. Thanks for the input Party Girl/Boy - helps to put my mind at ease. Numb - might see you in section 332!
  3. Coming from Canada - staying at the Morgan in Temple Bar for 2 nights. Pricey but wanted to be closer to Temple Bar/downtown. Best prices were on Trivago.
  4. Ticketmaster is allowing me to purchase 2 tickets for a 3rd show with Red Hill code - I'm not going to in case it's audited and they bump one of my other shows, just wondering if anyone has run into this issue today? Interesting as I can get all the way through to the purchase page. I had to input my code for both shows I did purchase (Dublin, Toronto), and it says Red Hill presale on the TM receipt, so I've definitely used the code today.
  5. I was also affected by the browser issues this morning -at first assumed it was because it was 4am Canadian time and I wasn't thinking straight, then realized I had to go through U2.com - argh. Was trying for Red Zone or Pitch 2, couldn't get any and ended up with seated an hour in (didn't want Pitch 1). I grabbed 2 in 332 row F. Is anyone familiar with the venue and stage setup - they decent seats? One other question - I spoke with Ticketmaster.ie about getting a refund on those if I can snag RZ in the presale tomorrow or general onsale (since I'm "upgrading" the tickets). They said "maybe" if the event sells out, but no guarantees. If not, just confirming that Croke Park is not using paperless, i.e. I could sell the seated ones I have to someone else if I can snag RZ? Might be tricky selling them from Canada, but I'm assuming night of show would be option also. Any input would be appreciated.
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