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  1. lately, its been lots of civil unrest, regarding police brutality towards people of color in the usa..... what should we do about ISIS in the meantime?
  2. read this funny story today: Published Friday, August 22, 2014 8:02PM EDT JUNEAU, Alaska -- Call Luke Skywalker for backup. Police in Juneau took a call Tuesday to check out a suspicious device spotted on the side of a road. The Juneau Empire reports the first officer on the scene wasn't sure what to make of the object. A dispatcher sent out a second officer with expertise in bombs. Wise in the ways of Star Wars toys was he. The second officer determined that the device was a plastic light saber toy taped to a stick. The laser swords were the preferred weapons of Jedi knights. The confusion may have occurred because the toy, which expands to reveal a long plastic "blade," was in the closed position. Said police department spokeswoman Erann Kalwara: "It was not explosive in any way." Read more: http://www.ctvnews.ca/world/this-isn-t-the-bomb-you-re-looking-for-police-investigate-star-wars-toy-1.1972469#ixzz3BFT9N8Of
  3. good topic, when its getting close to the holiday season of giving... I wish for more people paying it forward
  4. master chef....oh the astounding, yummy things they can create!!
  5. my country is currently dealing with the beheading of a journalist, who gave his life to tell the truth. as well as for retaliation for the US air strikes to try and stop their barbarism
  6. werent U2 and chris in electric lady studio not too long ago? there were some photos and rumors going around
  7. you mean zhivvys little girl? IDK...... what happened?
  8. what do you still have...my friend, remember what you still have at this moment... she is always with you...and so is your beloved sister.
  9. [quote name='basher1 wrote: xtraspicy62']Fun, old time stuff. Before digital. ....do you have a fav? Dr Cyclops, 1940, on the tube tonight....A mad scientist working in the South American jungle miniaturizes his colleagues when he feels his megalomania is threatened. Debbie Does Dallas...... Not really Sci-Fi but who cares....... that is depressing, lol! any really cool sci fi basher?
  10. [quote name='peterferris8 wrote: irishrosy wrote: peterferris8']Had quite a few good things happen... -Went to Reading Festival and saw The Cure, Foo Fighters and others, which was awesome -Started at a college doing a music course, and I am now in a band! Congratulations!! What are your hopes and dreams for the future? Given that I've now managed to get in a band, I've decided that my main goal for the future is to headline Reading. Seeing The Cure and Foo Fighters doing it just increased my desire to achieve that goal.wow, peter, i believe in you!! You have the passion and youth is on your side.... what do you play in the band?
  11. Congratulations!! What are your hopes and dreams for the future?
  12. this is the same China that sold the world adulterated infant milk-killing babies! so focused on industrial prowess, they have horrible air and water pollution too. profit over safety, and political corruption rule... what would be more shocking, is if their sky actually turned blue! on a humorous/Far Side scientific note, perhaps mutants and zoombies will be the end result...... (sorry! sometimes, cant help funny bone)
  13. they are poisoning school girls too, bc they are going to school and learning. girls arent supposed to get an education. basically only good for housework and breeding.
  14. Change.org is a social action platform that empowers anyone, anywhere to start, join, and win campaigns to change the world. Top Causes [*]Animals [*]Criminal Justice [*]Economic Justice [*]Education [*]Environment [*]Gay Rights Health Human Rights Human Trafficking Immigrant Rights Sustainable Food Women's Rights
  15. LINK Bono (Paul David Hewson): Step down as spokesperson for the G8 & Monsanto! BOYCOTT U2 & BONO - DON'T BUY THEIR MUSIC OR MERCHANDISE UNTIL BONO STEPS DOWN FROM SPEAKING PUBLICALLY ON ENVIRONMENTAL, ECONOMIC & POLITICAL ISSUES! U2's lead singer Bono (Paul David Hewson) has supported many causes over the years, most issues of which, he is not qualified to be a spokesperson for & he also is personally profiting from doing this. Now he is not only spreading misinformation on poverty & how to help the starving children in Africa, but he is also encouraging people to follow the G8 "solutions" which will lead to doing more harm to the environment & not improve poverty at all. The African nations are being manipulated by major corporations & governments to follow join the world powers to become "rich" & independent by exploiting the Environment & resources, instead of developing sustainable, ecofriendly systems for agriculture & economic success. (see original article on Activist Post) Bono is an advocate for "The Grow Africa Partnership" via the US Government's "The New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition" with the US Government & their “Global Agricultural Development†plan - which will use Monsanto Inc. & their GM (Geneticaly Modified) crops, their highly toxic pesticides & an unsustainable agricultural system of mass monoculture. He is also ignoring the mass movement of eco-friendly solutions to the world's problems - by supporting the Oil & Mining industries, encouraging the African nations to solve their problems by entering the market by focussing on producing more Oil & Minerals. This is an ignorant method which will only cause more problems to the people & the environment alike. This a seriously maligned, sanctimonious use of his profile, which was built as a singer in a Rock/Pop Band. BONO IS NOT A SCIENTIST, ECONOMIST, NOR A POLITICIAN & HAS NO PLACE AS A SPOKESPERSON ON THESE ISSUES! Bono is ignoring the real URGENT needs of the Ecosystem & in his so-called pursuit of feeding the "starving children of Africa" only will result in more dire consequences. His use of his profile built by music fans who like him as a singer in a pop/rock band is a serious misuse of power & is a sign of a deep seeded psychological disorder like megalomania - he must be STOPPED! Please BOYCOTT U2 & THEIR MUSIC & MERCHANDISE until he steps down from this rediculous & harmful political profile he keeps building without any real support from anyone other than corporations who are developing systems of power & produce GM foods & crops that have been outlawed in many countries around the world.
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