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    I love playing music, but the big picture for me is to help others in need whatever that circumstance maybe. Of course, third world causes are close and dear to my heart, but there are other issues also. I just find people tend to listen to you more when you are holding a guitar in your hand. True.
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    Beatles, Eddi Reader, KISS, Sinead, Mamas and the Papas. Bob Dylan is hilarious (in a good way) Dylan: I wish I could speak english. Lennon: Me too Bobby, me too.

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  1. I am still at University this semester and as a consequence a poor and pathetic in the process. As soon as I am cashed up I really want to see U2 in concert. I know it will be an amazing experience. I am happy for the fans that are going, I wish I was one of them. When the time is right and it meant to happen, I will be there, until then I am happy to hear about it in here and your experiences. I really hope the Lab Coat features in the concert. I know the guy that set the whole thing up, he is very humble and unassuming. this has been a huge undertaking for this and he would be speechles
  2. Hey U2, I have made quite a few genuine friends because of U2. You guys continue to impact and make the world a better place in ways that you don't even realise I think. Your fans are kindhearted and authenic and very loyal to you. They continue to be a blessing in my life. Maybe when you are finished with this music lark you could come and work for me? I don't mean to pull rank on you, but I have a huge following in Pakistan, absolutely massive! Calm down, calm down, just kidding. Look forward to meeting you one day. Cheers TheVacantLot
  3. Nah, it was cola. I am too old for any kind of beer these days. My days of falling down the stairs and getting kicked out of nightclubs are long gone, and thankfully before there was an internet! haha
  4. I gave a long response when I read the letter, but then it didn't post. I got busy and now am back to repost but hopefully less wordy. Those injuries are awful. No wonder you are on strong pain medication. I would say make sure that if you are feeling pain coming on, that you start to take some medication to control it, don't let the pain take over you, it is harder to get ontop of if you do. Be kind to yourself, go easy on yourself. Let others, your family take care of you and look out and look after you. Stop apologising for Songs of Innocence. It was brilliant and you guys are
  5. Here is the labcoat video link. Cheers TheVacantLot
  6. Well it is worth the wait, I have also done a little video. So I hope that is ok, and hope that you like it.
  7. Dear Zootopians, blessed am I, for I am with labcoat. I want to post some pictures taken today as well as some short footage. Hope you guys like it, its for your viewing pleasure. Please show me the link to post these adventures with this blessed relic, before it departs for another far away land. (OMG we had fun). Cheers
  8. Hi Everyone, I was looking for somewhere to post and thought this would be the one to say what I need to say. I wanted to say HELLO and I too haven't been in here for a while and certainly not as regularly as I have had a hectic demanding year. I have been working big time, and then some. I was so stressed, I didn't think I was going to do any well with what I was working on. I felt like the biggest loser in the world. I just didn't think I was going to make it. Anyway, I have submitted this work I have been working on, finally. I feel like a huge yoke\log has been lifted off my s
  9. Hey, I just wanted to come in and say THANK YOU to the band for the new album and the gift to us, everyone and me. I have a close musician friend/neighbour that thought she was the only one that got it, she thought she was special and the chosen one, so we had a great laugh and said yes and pointed the fingers at ourselves 'it's all about me', I sound like a Nickelodean childstar (don't get me started). Anyway, I am not like Rolling Stone by any means, but I would like to listen and take in the album and give my feedback/impression/feelings and my mate would too. So I'm going to listen
  10. Again, re-reading these comments I think it's important that people DO care about the music and are interested in what is coming. I am not belittling that process. I also think that other work that is done aside from the music is important too. Most importantly the whole process should be fun and enjoyable.
  11. my comments are meant in a lighthearted way, in no way to offend anyone, I hope it's taken that way, which can sometimes be misconstrued online.
  12. Oh my God, reading this thread is like pressure pressure pressure. Here's the deal, all artists have self doubts, critics and people who undermine and don't believe what they are trying to do or produce, in any of the arts. I just recently saw a new documentary on John Lennon and he had not produced an album in 5 years because he was busy raising Sean. He saw that as more important, some would say it isn't, I agree with John Lennon it is more important. That is what that song 'Watching the Wheels' song was about. Those who thought he should have been 'in the scene man'. John Lennon kept th
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