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  1. YESSS managed to buy tickets for Singapore! THANKFULLY I had a flawless booking experience! SINGAPORE here we come
  2. Yes for me it also works fine now, thanks for the prompt follow up!
  3. Fyi to all- This Singapore sports hub ticketing website has a very bad reputation: https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/ed-sheeran-tickets-system-operated-without-any-technical-issues-8838610 Ed Sheeran and Coldplay ticket sales had been a disaster. Hopefully the problems can be fixed before u2 presales starts, especially Red hill group who have been paying their subscriptions for many years...
  4. Ok thanks, so it's via Sportshub Tix then... well that page got problems. Cannot even register an account, tried different browsers already. After submitting the form, got an application error: the page requested is not available... (even if I try to book for another event other than u2). Then, when I try again, it says account already exists. Using that account & password, cannot login because it 'does not pass security requirements'...
  5. I got a different error, after submitting the sign-up form; the application page is not available. So how to book then, via Live Nation or via Sportshubtix? Also the u2.com/tours website doesn't show any buttons with a link to a booking website..
  6. Hi, Singapore date has been announced, however it is not (yet) listed on the tour page while Presales for REDHILL group is supposed to start this coming Monday 10AM GMT+8. I assume this will be added by today or latest this weekend?
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