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    Miss Sarajevo

    The promotor as close my VIP section `hockey player bench` I will fanaly have a verry nice show better then the super bowl i l be sec 114 -j thank you U2 for the future show tonight
  2. labon

    Miss Sarajevo

    Montreal tuesday 16-2015 Bell Center I would like to sing Miss Sarajevo the part of Pavarotti (with in ears ) if possible for the birthday of my girlfreind I am an autor compositor & tenor i would like to have the chance to send my song to U2 (e-mail) so they could here me sing: `` All Mare `` mp3 & picture I will be in the VIP exactely were the LNH hockey playeurs are with their coach when they are playing a game to win the Stanley Cup @ Bell Center section -102- center ice the is only 18 seats i l be I m Irish born in Montréal
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