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  1. First of all, you do come across as horrible! I am a lady not a "guy" and I am a fully paid member, I had a code with began with U2EIA.... I was trying through ticketmaster.co.uk and it only unlocked the VIP seats for whatever reason. It didnt do this to me last year when I bought JTT tickets. Once I realised you had to log in from U2.com it finally showed me the link which took me to Manchester Arena to buy the tickets directly. Thanks to all those that quickly tried to help me. I appreciate it. I was able to get 2 GA for Manchester even after 11am!
  2. no links on my tours page only able to click through to buy tickets up to the last NA show in NJ the Euro dates all have no links next to them. What the actaul is is this all about!
  3. how to get them? please help i have a code and it only unlocked the VIP ones
  4. where do i go to buy them? ive got experience code and it only unlocked VIP seats! Help i want GA
  5. Tried to use my experience presale code for Manchester this morning and it only unlocked the VIP expensive seats! I want 2x GA! Help!
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