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  1. Sorry, on holiday and didn't reply like I thought I did. Enjoy this weekend. Nick does an amazing U2 set! If you sit at the bar, ask for the Sips of Surrender menu and try the Bullet the Blue Sky or Beautiful Day.
  2. Hi Everyone, I'll be doing a DJ set on the BrewDog rooftop this Saturday night if you're in town. Come say hi and let's mix some U2 in the set!
  3. Had a great turnout of fans yesterday. Really fun afternoon talking U2 with people from all over (mostly UK).
  4. He is on stage right now! Just did an amazing stripped back version of Acrobat. I am headed out as I DJ at BrewDog tonight but I'll be here for his entire set tomorrow if you happen to come by. Ask for the manager Jason.
  5. Sorry posted the wrong date on the U2 acoustic tribute. Nick is going on stage today at Hard Rock Cafe from 3-6pm. Drink specials and some songs of surrender.
  6. I haven't heard. Would love to get back in there and DJ one more time!
  7. Welcome back to Vegas!!!! If you're coming to town for a show, here's some U2-related stuff I have happening. * Daily U2-happy hour from 3-6pm at Hard Rock Cafe on the Strip. U2-themed cocktails and plenty of classic U2 videos. * Nick Mattera's Achtung Acoustic tribute to U2 from 3-6pm on February 2, 4, 23, and 24 as well as March 1, and 2. This is free to all. * Hollywood U2 is back!!! February 16th for their fourth show at Hard Rock. The sets have been insane with incredible deep cuts. Tickets are on TicketWeb and the fan password is zootopia for discounted tickets. * Not sure if I'll have any DJ sets in February but if I do, I'll share here as they will have plenty of U2 mixed in!
  8. Hi Everyone, I'll be bringing some wristbands to Zoo Station tomorrow for Hard Rock. They will get you 20% off food tomorrow so if you decide to eat between the two parties, be sure to grab one from me.
  9. This show has been re-scheduled for February 16th (the final weekend).
  10. Working on Hollywood U2 for February 16th. If we book it, I'll get you a discount code to share with fan club.
  11. December event announcement: Hollywood U2 back at the Hard Rock for a FOURTH show. It's been a blast. Tickets on sale Friday via TicketWeb.
  12. Show day so it's no longer active. Drop me a message with your full name and I'm happy to put you +1 on the guest list.
  13. Today at 2pm, Nick Mattera will be playing three hours of acoustic U2 at the Hard Rock Cafe. Come hang out, enjoy the cocktail specials (Bullet the Blue Sky is a fave), and hear some amazing music.
  14. The set list has been insane for their shows. Deep deep stuff plus lots of classics. The guys put in a hard day's night!
  15. Could be fun if enough people are in town. I love the atmosphere at Zoostation but the limited drinks (and their prices) put a bit of a damper on the events. Wish we could transport the Trabant to a proper pub for a few events! LOL
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