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  1. The waiting room idea seems to work, having used it a few times for different gigs. Just have to resist the temptation to refresh!
  2. Gutted, just bought seats for 9th, would've happily let you have my tickets for 8th for these. Don't suppose you want two seats for 9th? Block M35
  3. Anyone know if the standing tickets at Twickenham are for the pitch only or do they provide access to the lower tier of seats too as was the case at Millennium Stadium and (IIRC) City of Manchester Stadium? I suppose would be useful to know the answer to that for other venues too.
  4. My girlfriend has registered for subscription but she says she can't login to u2.com at all. She's definitely got the correct login details correct and I've tried them too, copying and pasting from the confirmation. She was hoping to get GA for 26th October at o2 or seats failing that. Username is julesuk1975 RESOLVED (messages merged) Yaye, sorted and she's got her tix! Thanks to all who helped with probs for my other half this morning. She's a happy bunny.
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