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  1. https://www.facebook.com/groups/U2JT30DFW/
  2. There is a facebook group JT 2017 Dallas that has much more details on the GA line. Special note that there have been multuple confirms that the line at 6 am only needs to be the card holder. They will hand out cue cards with your number in line AND the numberof persons in your party. Example I may get number 50 in line and I have 4 tix on my card. Only I need to show up with my card at 6 am. Hope this helps. See you on the rail!
  3. Damn Latha! you got a good deal with Kyak. We are staying at the Drury near the airport....and we are also flying in from Dallas. So I'll see y'all there!
  4. So excited! FTR and I will be there....flying in from Dallas. What's up!!!
  5. Well, I guess U2 does more than make music, They were the reason these two little precious angels were born. I will forever be in debted to the band for making it all happen for me. I am the luckiest girl on earth!!!
  6. My first U2 baby - Zoey - 22 months here...
  7. My most recent addition 9/3/2009....Josephine Emma Grace...
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