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  1. Zooropa63

    Was anyone able to buy RedZone Today?

    Oh, you ran into the same issue I did. Those were GA tickets mislabeled as RED zone. Initially they mislabeled RED zone and the packages weren't showing up, even using the links from here. It took about 5 minutes before I saw the packages show up. They always assign "seats" to GA or RED zone GA tickets. They're meaningless. Damn. It's still showing as the only price when I clicked on the Red Zone box just now. GA is totally fine though. I would have gone for it anyway. Just thought it would be safer in the Red Zone.
  2. Zooropa63

    Was anyone able to buy RedZone Today?

    I'm confused because there were also $70 tickets for the Red Zone in Seattle but they are for seats: Section GAFL5 Row GA2 Seats 44, 45. I grabbed them but am now wondering if they are actually in there. Tickets _ U2_ THE JOSHUA TREE TOUR 2017 - Seattle WA at Ticketmaster.html