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  1. my pics from the friday boston show.


  2. My pics from the Friday show in Boston

    20180622 U2  (3)


  3. Great show Friday, I had a nice spot in the middle of the catwalk on the floor. https://flic.kr/s/aHsmkmjk4K (FLICKR SET)
  4. it's just overall weird and I don't recall seeing these kind of issues before with other bands. With this whole presale / onsale system there has been a lot of confusion with on sale times.
  5. yeah, kinda funny how the onsale time displayed changed from 10am to 2 pm EST, yet the sale is still going on. either way did not see any GAs available for Boston 2
  6. Same show date? I'm guessing the per event limit is 4, but there's no indication on any site U2 or ticketmaster that says "max 4 tickets for the tour"
  7. thank you for sharing this. I totally agree about being clear on limits. With a band as big as U2 there should be clear ticket limits explained. Citi saying 4x code makes it seem like you can get 4x through citi per date.
  8. It's just a shame that ticketmaster / U2 does not explicitly say this anywhere. I've checked the event sites and googled the internet without any official word or even a mention on total limit per tour. You would think that if It is this strict a limit they would post it somewhere in plain sight instead of people theorizing on it. Thank you for your response. I wish ticketmaster would be more transparent. They should not have the power to cancel your tickets if they don't explicitly post an exact limit on tickets. Citi presale says 4 tickets per code but nothing about total limits.
  9. I have been searching for confirmation of this? The language that Ticketmaster has used on all individual event dates that I have looked at has no mention of 4 tickets for the whole tour. If someone purchased 2 via U2.com fan club presale for one date and 4 via citi presale for a second date would they be at risk of having tickets cancelled?In the past for different concerts I have seen terminology around the lines of "X ticket limit for all presales combined". I would think such a limit should be at least mentioned clearly by ticketmaster if they plan on enforcing that strict a limit for the whole tour. I do not recall ticket limits being enforced on a multiple event level or based on a whole tour.
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