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  1. The Simple Answers: 1. Money - they want too much of it. The lack of shows this time around has created a higher demand for less tickets...less tickets equals higher ticket price. I just took my 4 member family to see the Joshua Tree in Toronto for over $500 total and now less than a year later, they are on tour again and the prices are outrageous. 2. The 2 seat max is a problem for families with kids who are also U2 fans. 3. Asking us to pony up an additional $50 for the fan club just to get into a lottery for a pre-sale code was wrong. Just plain wrong. This band used to care about fans. Not so much anymore. 4. As I get older, I really do not want to hear all of the political stuff. I get what U2 is about. I've heard it and agree with some of it. But after awhile, it just takes over the shows and frankly takes away from the music. As Bono has gotten older, hes become more political and frankly, its a turn off. 5. Us - we allow this to continue. We continue to buy albums, go to shows, buy merchandise. If we start to turn away, perhaps the message will get through to the boys. Get back to what you did that was great. Go back to the 360 tour and remember how great things were...
  2. I decided the Joshua Tree was the last concert. In this pre-sale, I didn't get the code so I didn't have an opportunity to even purchase tickets. My money is going to the Foo Fighters this year. Two tickets for $165.00 US.
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