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    Dublin Red Zone

    I was in RED Zone at 3 Arena in 2015. It wasn't a great location...It was complete opposite to the main stage, couldn't see the screen (too close). We moved quickly to GA (as a lot did). From what I see on the ticketmaster layout, it's not the same area than in 2015. The beauty of it is that they let you in before anybody else, so you can choose to go to the RED Zone, or GA before the crowd enters (it was like this in 2015).
  2. Got 2 Paris 14/11 GA to Trade. PM if interrested...
  3. Everything is in the title . I have 2 GA Paris Bercy on Saturday 14/11 which I will trade for 2 GA London 30/10. I might consider other London dates. Thanks to all for reading!
  4. Everything is in the title. I got 2 GA tickets for Paris on saturday 14/11 and I would like to swap with 2 GA for London on 30/10. PM for any offers! many thanks to all !!