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  1. How cool would it be if the band did an audio broadcast of their shows as part of the U2.com subscription? Surely their is a way to stream their IEM feed to us without the count ins.
  2. Very jealous of everyone there but glad that side of the world gets a chance to JT in its entirety.
  3. Where are the grooves for my record player needle to go down onto?? On a serious note, I can’t handle hearing the songs out of the live order. Need the video release to be put out for the full experience. Maybe we’ll see it by this time next year?
  4. Hmm, I really thought we were getting half the album resembling the I+e setlist and then a E+i based around the Europe setlist.
  5. Maybe they’re having trouble finding someone to make CDs....
  6. Nooo! I must have misread. I thought this was going to be on vinyl. Where am I supposed to play a cd?!
  7. Great night. Been waiting to hear so many of those songs live. To experience it in their hometown made it so much more special.
  8. Always hope he’s careful but if there’s one thing that’s sure after all these years it’s that Bono will always be a rockstar.
  9. Glad they dedicated something to Tony. Listened to this all weekend as I mourned him leaving this world and for pain that Ottavia and their daughter must be going though. We miss you Anthony!
  10. No raised by wolves again. Shame because it really fits in that part of the set list.
  11. Going tomorrow and I’m putting all my energy into hoping they play RFD again.
  12. Not a pro myself but if I had to guess it might just be that they really haven’t had the time to reherse it enough to feel comfortable. Read either or elsewhere that something similar has been happening during Acrobat and that’s been played every night of the tour so far.
  13. That’s a hell of a set list and exactly how you put on a show without Joshua Tree.
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