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  1. looks like he deliberately let that ball through jets.
  2. I'm so sorry for the loss of your wife, my condolences. I hope the band somehow get to see your post.
  3. stuff that, I want *POP* vol. 2.0 now!
  4. Happy Birthday ya old fart 😉👍
  5. the list is limited. they left out what was voted the best metal album of all time, stupid list.
  6. Marie was and still is my favourite female vocalist. this is really sad for me 🙁 and she was only 61, RIP Marie. below is my favourite Roxette song
  7. it was good but for me 360 was a better tour. I'm a 90's U2 fan so 'The Joshua Tree' doesn't resonate with me like 'Achtung Baby' does. maybe if they did a tour for AB my reaction would be more excited.
  8. fixed that for ya. though EBW is in the wrong spot below is a photo from where I was seated.
  9. so I'm at home in a pretty cool house but outside it must be nearing the maximum. I don't know how the people waiting in GA will cope.
  10. oh my gosh, it looks like the queue for GA doesn't have any shade. today is going to reach 35c ☀️
  11. thanks kings 👋 my mobile doesn't have internet access so sadly I can't send anything to this thread from the venue. gonna be taking advantage of the free public transport to Optus Stadium. think we'll be getting there around 6pm.
  12. this will be my first time at Optus Stadium. looking forward to checking out the stadium for myself tomorrow evening 😎👍
  13. dang look at that queue! In 2010 I got into the middle part of the 360 stage without waiting, I rocked up at 4:30pm. how times have changed.
  14. I think the band just asked for an image of the Australian flag to be put up and that's whats been done. even though the blue is too bright. while I don't care for the Union Jack being there and it take up alot of space, that's what our flag is. until Australia is wanting a change the band can't do anything. cept like I said, split the screen.
  15. that's interesting. it's a shame we didn't get any of those arena tours as I like 'Son gs Of Innocence'
  16. yeah, it does look like they googled 'Aussie Flag' 😜 but I think you are wrong about the European flag thing. they had that at the start of ZOO TV in the early 90's. the star fell off back then when Bono would rise up to the stage as the FLy
  17. I'd like our flag to be changed but it's something that should go to a vote throughout our nation. when I was a kid I didn't know that was the Union Jack in the top left. I just thought it was a cool pattern. it would be good to have the Aboriginal flag represented at the end as well, maybe split the screen? there are alot of diggers who fought under the current flag and would find a change hurtful. this is something that is out of the bands control. I think they mean well and heck it's our flag, it's not my fault there's a Union Jack in it. my final thoughts would be to split the screen with both the Aussie flag & the Aboriginal flag but that's just me 👍
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