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  1. Fiji in Rugby Sevens... joy!!! =D
  2. No one but the high powers at the FMF (our most beloved football ruling body =P) know for sure why some players are on the Gold Cup and why others are on the Olympic team... definitely not a player choice - they wouldn't ever have that power. It's what the FMF says... bold speculation = Memo Ochoa, goalkeeper, is kinda sorta on the olds dept... so perhaps playing the Olympics was his only chance to be on a national team.
  3. the next games are at 6 AM... still too early, but manageable... =D
  4. Apparently we won 4 - 1 over France... but it happened at an ungodly hour, so perhaps it was merely a dream... =P
  5. funnily enough, the mexican TV persons just mentioned that this is the last time "We are The People" would be played on a stadium...
  6. rant away... unless it goes against the Zootopia rules - and it ins't terribly off topic - that's what the board is for... On the subject of England and this particular final... I found this Gary Lineker article on the point and quite interesting... this paragraph is really good: https://www.theplayerstribune.com/posts/gary-lineker-england-uefa-european-championship-final
  7. I'm of the olds and probably live under a rock that only plays music mostly 1977 - 1995 (even worse, just certain specific genres)... This being said... what I've heard from them is quite good. Definitely waiting for this first album...
  8. one goal was courtesy of the goalkeeper... so... <keeps crying>
  9. [checks the CRO-ES score... crying in mexican] 😭
  10. HOLIDAYS!!! 🤣 but also 😭
  11. this is poetry... 😁
  12. In some regions the opening ceremony was not broadcasted or was broadcasted selectively... so some missed the Martin Garrix with Edge and Bono performance... Both the UEFA and Martin Garrix uploaded it to YouTube... The UEFA video is, sadly, not allowed to be embedded... fortunately, the Martin Garrix video is... enjoy....
  13. While we enjoy Croatia - Czech Republic and wait for England - Scotland (!!!)... a remix:
  14. Remixed directly from the Bad Yard Club, for your enjoyment...
  15. for exciting football ---> the second half of the Netherlands - Ukraine... o_O
  16. Finland fans: "Christian" Denmark fans: "Eriksen"
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