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  1. Regularly email addresses are not allowed on the board, for security reasons - instead, we ask to use the Private Messaging system... but since this is just for the Christmas list and not a personal email address it can be allowed. Still, we ask/recommend everyone to exercise caution when posting email addresses and any other personal information, being here on the board or any other public instance - safety first. Always. Carry on and happy imminent holidays...
  2. A reminder to everyone about the subject of the thread. You are welcome to open a new thread for any tangential discussion. (Just remember the board rules) Thanks.
  3. Opinions, ideas and point of views are not monolithic entities - they can be revised over time and changed and adjusted when it applies, even to a point in which a total change of course or an opposite direction is an obligation. What may have been acceptable some years ago is not necessary what is acceptable now... after all, no one is the same person that was years ago. The same applies for the use of certain words, like the one was bleeped on this broadcast... Maybe this article could be of interest... I think it explains clearly why it was wrong for Patti Smith to use it, then...
  4. Are you streaming it via Wi-Fi? If yes, could you try it with an Ethernet cable? most of the times, using the cable solves the issue. If it doesn't let us know please so we can pass the report. Thanks...
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