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  1. Nah... I want to see what they conjure up to amaze us next time around.
  2. Those were the good feeds. Some times it was more like a game of 'Name That Tune'.
  3. It was actually very similar to what we have here... an ongoing conversation on screen, though with lower sound quality and no pictures
  4. Been thinking about that... If you had gaffer tape and were near a convenient fixing point that might be an option. I remember reading about one group back in the days of video tape who got a camera and enough bits to build a tripod into one show.
  5. It's hard work holding a phone up and keeping it steady - 2 or 3 songs was my limit before i needed a rest. And if you're scoping you're probably chosing not to sing along or clap and missing out on taking photos, grabbing a drink or dancing around. I guess the ideal is lots of people each doing a few songs.
  6. According to a friend in the O2 the sound quality in there tonight is amazing. Have to say Barcagirls feed has been very clear.
  7. I think our periscoper took Blackout to be an instruction.
  8. I jest not - when I was sorting out my photos my computer froze for ages when the MacPhisto photo came up. I think it was just my PC running updates in the background as I'd not used it for couple of weeks...
  9. Ditching all traces of JT has opened up space for some more interesting moves. Would be happy to wave Beautiful Day off into the sunset too. But can't complain when a set list contains Gloria, Stay, Horses and Acrobat.
  10. Numb and Discotheque got a similar reaction from me at first. Mind you I still think Boots was a bad call as a first single.
  11. Wonderfully for a U2 fan, there was a shop called "Bad" by Leeds railway station that had a decent selection in the basement.
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