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  1. Ditto, exactly what has happened to me. The gift package was the link I ended up clicking on and I am still waiting for a code to be able to activate my own account *sigh*
  2. I believe some European cities have their own rules which means for some shows you will be able to split 2 tickets over 2 nights, but some cities you will have to use the code for one show only. As to which cities allows what, thats not clear yet... Why hello stranger! A tiny bit of clarity at least. Are we thinking the UK shows are going to wind up being 2 tickets = 1 show? Oh, and regardless of clearing my history blah blah blah and despite resubbing I can still only see the free general side
  3. The Smashing Pumpkins aren't playing! Billy Corgan living off the name is playing. I don't actually think they are worthy of a headliner spot and Billy Corgan has turned in to an arse - walking off the stage an hour early is NOT cool (nor is saying cool though!) I am most excited about Elvis Costello - Primal Scream - The Stones. That is my Saturday night sorted What I am even more excited about it the thought of Kenny Rogers - that was the stuff my childhood was made of. If he brings Dolly out then I will piss myself! 'You gotta know when to hold them'
  4. [quote name='peterferris8 wrote: utwothefly wrote: utwothefly'] Stone roses would be great to see live!, not sure about Bon Jovi and the rest the isle of wight have got. I hear that Fleetwood Mac are touring in the U.S next year and then stopping 2 weeks before Glastonbury!. I'd be well up for a bit of Fleetwood at Glasto... would suit the place very well. http://www.thesun.co.uk/s...eadline-glastonbury.html "The Suns never lies!" Good one! As for IOW - Bloc Party and The Maccabees are very good bands in my opinion. Bloc Party had the NME Tent at Reading rammed out when they were playing opposite Iron Maiden (main stage headliners) in 2005, just after they started out. Silent Alarm is a superb record, I would strongly recommend it to any serious music fan. Their second and third albums aren't up to much apart from lots of electronic stuff, but the new album, Four, is their best since Silent Alarm. There's a good mix, some of it is really good alternative rock and some is very grunge-esque. I bet within a few years they'll be headlining festivals everywhere. The Maccabees played headlined the NME Tent at Reading this year - would've gone to see them but I was too busy watching The Cure. Apparently The Macs played a great set though. Given To The Wild is also a fantastic album that I'd recommend to anyone and everyone. I've never liked Bon Jovi or The Stone Roses. The Roses just seem to make boring middle-of-the-road average rock music most of the time, I don't get a kick from it at all. Bon Jovi I just find nauseating. The fact that the rumoured third headliner is The Killers doesn't help anything. Like I said, I'll be rawking out at Download that weekend. I hate to play the age card but I think the thing with The Stone Roses is that they appeal more to those who 'lived it'. The late 80's/early 90's was a time of raves and acid house and The Stone Roses came along and threw a spanner in the works. Probably the reason why Heaton Park was full of 30 and 40 somethings trying to relive their youth. I would have been one of them but I sold my ticket and buggered off to Tenerife instead although my 17 year old went (twice) and said they were fantastic! I am actually quite glad I didn't go - reformed bands who you adored when you were 17 do, in the large, tend to disappoint when you realise your bladder can't hold half as much as it used to so you need a piss before the band has even got near the stage and your hips are knackered after the third song! Bon Jovi are just bleugh!! Glastonbury rumours seem to be very few and far between! Its December and practically naff all is rumoured. I shall probably go and see Fleetwood Mac if they play depending on what else is on any other stage. I will certainly go and see The Rolling Stones regardless. I am hoping for Daft Punk though - one of a very VERY short list of dance type acts I like. They'll play Digital Love and I can dance to one of my favourite 'time and place' songs with my favourite people in the world at my favourite place in the world! :-)
  5. Coldplay are just bad! I wish I could do the multiquote thing but I can't so hey ho... ... I LIKE the yellow pants ... Bono might not be a hero to everyone, but don't dismiss the fact that he is to some, whether that be through music, advocacy or the fact they worship at the alter of yellow pants. Is he a hero to me? Hmm... I'm not sure. I'm not really sure I have any. I love his music and I greatly admire the fact he has gotten off his arse to make the world a better place. I don't even mind him rambling on at concerts (much) - although I do have a version of 'One' where I think the vocals actually kick in at 9 minutes because he has waffled for so f*cking long! No big deal really because sweating the small stuff is pointless. Their show - their rules. If you don't like it then vote with your feet and don't go - it really is THAT simple. The vast majority of the audience at a U2 show are attending a single concert on that tour - if it raises the awareness of just one person in the audience regarding *'Drop the Debt', 'ONE', 'DATA', 'RED', Aung San Suu Kyi or whichever is the 'cause' of the moment then surely that can't be a bad thing? *Delete as applicable depending on who he is 'mates' with at the time! ... I was a U2 fan long before Live Aid - I don't need a history lesson on why BAD turned into a 14 minute rendition. Yep, U2 were playing big shows globally prior to Live Aid - they were playing those shows to U2 fans though. Ask a 'non' U2 fan had they heard of Red Rocks or US festival prior to Live Aid and a huge majority won't have a clue. Ask them about U2 post Live Aid and yep, they'll remember the 14 minute version of BAD and Bono jumping off the stage (regardless of the reason). I was at secondary school (high school for you Americans out there) when Live Aid happened. I was pretty young, coming up to 12 but unlike my schoolmates, I had been gazing at U2 posters on my walls for the previous 3 years or so, whilst they were listening to Spandau Ballet, Duran Duran et al. They KNEW who U2 were on the Monday morning in school and could see what I had spent the previous few years harping on about. I am absolutely certain that my experience wasn't unique and the same thing was happening globally on the Monday morning back at school! ... Whilst your at it - ask a shit load of U2 fans globally when they became a U2 fan, and a shit load will tell you it was off the back of Live Aid. It WAS a defining moment in their career
  6. I've always found something good on the line-up at this festival. Reading has that thing that no other festival has - consistency in its line-up. If the line-up was not to my taste I would not go. I never go to music festivals for 'the atmosphere' or because it's a certain festival - I've noticed quite a lot of people only go to places like Glastonbury (which to be honest I find massively inconsistent in terms of line-up - last year U2 was the only headliner I'd have wanted to see) and V (which is the worst, most polished and commercial festival ever held in the UK) just for the atmosphere, or because "it's Glasto/V" (just going for the sake of going) and just so they can tell all their friends that they've been to that festival. I have no time for people like that. I could quite happily go to Glastonbury for 5 days and never see a band JUST for the atmosphere. I really do think the music is secondary and that is why it consistently sells out before a single band has been announced The Polyphonic Spree and British Sea Power at Glastonbury next year for me please. TPS have pretty much self confirmed and I can imagine they will go down a storm I'd also really like Fight Like Apes to play again next years - perhaps The JP tent again (seeing as I missed them last year). They've played a few gigs recently and tried out some new material so hopefully a new album is in the pipeline
  7. Dear Mr Gibbo - I love you dearly but surely even you can see the irony in your post!!?? It is pretty much because of Live Aid that U2 become the global band they are now - on the back of saving lives in Africa I think Bono should do absolutely whatever he feels he HAS to and I really don't think he should take us, the fans, in to consideration. His first and most important responsibility is to ensure his own self fulfillment and if it means waiting for him to get in the studio in between releases whilst he attends to other commitments then so be it. Him and the band don't really owe me anything - I have the choice to buy the albums and attend the tours and I am fine waiting - its not costing me anything to wait for an album release. Where their responsibility lies is releasing albums of a great quality when they ARE recording because that is what I am paying for! I am really proud of what Bono does. I am really proud to be associated with a band whose frontman has ensured millions of lives are being saved and millions of kids are now getting an education. Waiting for an album is a pretty small price to pay
  8. [quote name='ms lois wrote: MrsFish']Yayy! Lets play the 'my zoo was/is better than your zoo' I raise you which ever version of 'this' zoo you like by playing the Royal Flush of the old green capcave zoo from around 2001?!!? Now THAT was a playground! *Toddles off to play various shite games on facebook again* My point wasn't to compare the Zoo's. My point was Barbara made such a fuss about anyone from the previous version of the Zoo commenting on how the new Horizon Zoo didn't seem as active, was boring, etc...now Barbara is ready to remember her good ole zoo days, I just found it ironic and hypocritical that she's kinda' pissing on the Zoo she in part made. But I will maintain that Jeannette is correct to an extent, this place is fairly unrecognizeable. Of course I'd probably have to be in here more to really see that, but I saw enough to know it was boring that was enough or me to leave. CRAP! facebook games? NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Say it isn't so Mrs. Fish. HA! What?!? Words with friends kicks arse compared to this place even if the only person I *do* play against is my Ma, and she cheats like feck! I mean, who is she trying to kid!? I've grown up with her for the best part of *gulps* 40 years - I KNOW what her vocabulary is like! Ya know - I don't even feel sad about the state of this place.. I'm just 'meh' about it all. I guess it is what it is. I do see the irony in it though - Perhaps Alanis could write us a song! IMO (which is worth shit really) - the very worst thing that ever happened to The Zoo was the day it became a place for subscribers way back when. Fine, have a fanclub that is paid for with (crap) gifts and presale codes that will get your tickets in the nosebleeds (Yeah, I know you have 2 words Larry), but they killed The Zoo when it because free/paid
  9. Yayy! Lets play the 'my zoo was/is better than your zoo' I raise you which ever version of 'this' zoo you like by playing the Royal Flush of the old green capcave zoo from around 2001?!!? Now THAT was a playground! *Toddles off to play various shite games on facebook again*
  10. Have you any idea how MrF can check? I've signed in as me to see if there is anything in my account status that says what level you are but I can't see anything - I know during presales it says it but it doesn't appear to now Cheers M'Dear
  11. He might have thrown it at all those tourists that go past on the duck boat thing! He did mention that they do their bloody heads in with the megaphone when they are working in the studio! LOL
  12. Dallas was taking a bass into the studio (basically because the case said 'bass' on it!) - stayed about 30 mins or so and didn't come back out with it
  13. [quote name='agt wrote: MrsFish']I'm eagerly awaiting Paul Simon being officially announced!!! Your wish has been granted Sunday in general is just killing me! I'm in absolute clash hell!!
  14. A couple of points (cos its Thursday morning and I can't be bothered to get ready for work yet!). He told people he was banned for a week for saying f*ck and later that he was banned for a month for what was apparently being abusive to you. What one person considers to be abusive though is not necessarily what another person thinks. I'm not for one minute suggesting that anyone should have to take abuse from anyone else, but surely its subjective what classes as abuse, and I think the problem lies with alot of people just not thinking that what Gibbo said in a PM to you was particularly offensive. 'i've replied on fb you are goin a long way to losin u2.com but nevermind,fuckin load of bollocks,empty shell of a place this website will soon be mark my words. Nice knowin yer btw.close the door on the way out' A bit stupid perhaps... but abusive? I don't particularly think so and a whole heap of other people don't particularly think so either.... just a fan having had one too many and having a bit of a rant. As for closing this discussion... Is that really necessary either? You made a post about why he was suspended and people are discussing it and putting forward their opinions (just like you have done yours). Of course people are going to defend him and try to put across his side of what happened - its what people do!
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