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    Dublin - U2/HQ
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    U2, also Depeche Mode - BUT U2 are my main interest Been into them since... well, as long as I can remember, MUFC fan Im normally found wandering around Manchester OR Dublin, my favourite place in Dublin is The Docklands have been going there since I was just a kid and still love the place
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    Can't Decide
  • Favourite U2 Single
    Oooooh I still Can't deicide
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    (Self Aid RDS - 86)
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    Croke Park 360 x 3 nights
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    ZOO TV Dublin
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    Depends who I meet
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    Depeche Mode, Beatles...

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  1. CHEERS BROTHER..... All the best all the way from Romania.... From me, Chris !!!!!!

  2. I looked surprised too ...lol
  3. Be careful of small men with big ideas

  4. gary-paul

    @Gpaul1972 2

    Good Idea - an Easter Edge
  5. ''one of the posters'' whaaaaat... you make me seem so common.... lol

  7. Meeting Bono in Dublin twice in a week, this was by complete accident, I was going to meet someone else and noticed Bono's car parked up so I hung on for a few mins and along he came - I actually didn't have anything U2 with me apart from a black & White Colm Henry - Which I got signed and he also drew a cool pic on blank-black board in silver !!!
  8. Meeting Bono in Dublin twice in a week !!!
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