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  1. What a night, what a show! How is one supposed to recover from this! The audience gave them everything and that's what they got back. The boys could not stop smiling! I am delighted Dirty Day stayed on the set list and we got Landlady, a complete surprise. Acrobat is just incredible, I just don't have enough words to give it the praise it deserves. I was barely in primary school when Achtung Baby happened so it means a lot to hear it now and the rest of it live and with such a passion. Tonight I made some amazing friends. I also met some incredible rude fans which I never expected from U2 fans and especially of that age group but hey, you spent the gig with a sour face while we all sang our hearts out. I will miss the songs, the fans, the band but hopefully we'll all see each other again in a few years. The last 3 years have been an increddible journey for the band and me personally (the birth of my son a few days before their 2015 gig in Dublin) and I am glad I was there for a small part of it. Now, DVD please.
  2. Just got here. Pretty busy alright. No q to get in though. Everyone is buzzing!
  3. Heavy rain again. Hope the arena staff can move the q'ers somewhere dry.
  4. I'll try ny best! Joking, it's gonna be epic! Will head in early I think. Maybe bring a book to read to kill some time.
  5. A truly great night for the band and the fans. Good night everybody!
  6. Tonight has been electric. The are going to take the roof off tomorrow and I'm going to be there for that.
  7. Aah New Year's Day! Another highlight me.
  8. I don't know how I'm going to survive it tomorrow. It's peak U2 for me.
  9. Everyone knows Vodafone have the best coverage.
  10. I'm about to die. Literally. The McPhisto intro is stunning. The feed better not die during Acrobat.
  11. Dirty Day better happen tomorrow night again! I've waited a long time for this!
  12. Loving tonight! Can't wait to be there again tomorrow!
  13. You should have gotten a text message about the entrance you're supposed to use. From my experience, I was GA1 for Tuesday and had entrance 1 and for the Saturday gig I have a GA2 ticket and I'm supposed to go to entrance 3. You can probably chance going to either of them. All they do at the door is scan your credit card. Entrance 3 is the one closer to the tram stop. For Entrance 1 you have to walk around the building site.
  14. Entrance 2 is for seating tickets. If you mean 1 and 3 then yes you will end up on different sides but you can simply walk around once you get inside.
  15. The stage cuts the floor in half alright but you can walk around, go towards the concessions and then just follow them around. GA1 and GA2 is just for managing the crowds via the two different entrances.
  16. Instead of tweaking the GA system, these people need to take a hard look at themselves. Getting that front row has become a box ticking exercise. Do they even still enjoy the concerts or are they on the edge (ha!) the whole time making sure they don't miss the check-in time? Overall it's a bit sad.
  17. Unreal show by the band. Incredible! The crowd was a bit odd, half of them didn't even seem to want to be there. You're allowed to enjoy a gig, you know! You're not charged extra for clapping and singing. Acrobat was my absolute highlight! The intro to it was angry, i loved it! New Year's Day never disappoints. Roll on Saturday! Will definitely try and get closer to the small stage.
  18. I got a text message from Three Arena/Ticketmaster regarding the appropriate entrance. My order conformation for tonight is GA1 and it's entrance 1. For Saturday it's GA2 and entrance 3. Not sure if that means that all GA1s are entrance 1 and GA2s are entrance 3. Perhaps contact TM?
  19. The set list looks amazing! They really need to do an Achtung Baby tour in 2021.
  20. I'm going on Saturday too so I have a dillema. Do I just dive in tomorrow and get up close or do I do that on Saturday and perhaps take it easy tomorrow.
  21. Ugh I really need to figure out where to stand tomorrow. Showing up at around 7 so no chance of a spot at the barrier but do I even want that? I'd surely miss all the visuals. 3 years ago I was seated in Block D as I had literally just given birth, I was away from the stage but had an amazing view of the screen.
  22. It holds around 14 thousand. Can't wait for tomorrow!
  23. I scored 2 standing tIckets for my friend for the 9th at around 10am on the app. Tickets were being released throughout the morning so you just had to be patient. More tickets will become available closer to the day. No need to pay 300 euro for a noeebleed.
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