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  1. Update: I have received word back from LiveNation and they advised me to use the upgrade option for renewal, and to send them my order# for the $10 reimbursement. She also said that I will be able to keep my priority status. Wow, after last years debacle I was not expecting a positive outcome. The woman I dealt with is named Barbara, I highly advise anyone with issues to seek her out.
  2. Hey Mr. Fish we are in the same boat here. No reminder, no option to resubscribe only upgrade. As I said before this happened to me last year and I ended up paying $50 instead of $40. Never got reimbursed. I have sent 2 e-mails this year and am waiting for a response. I would like after so many years here to not lose my status.....
  3. Just checked my profile and it says I've been a member since 2009!! That is about 10 years off..... UGH
  4. Hi Tracy, this happened to me last year when I tried to renew. It looks like the same thing will happen again. I need to renew but only see the option of upgrading. Granted I may be past my date this year but only just. Last year I had to pay $50 instead of $40. After numerous e-mails and such I was told that it was impossible to reimburse me for the $10. Even though I have been a member forever. I really don't want to have this issue again, This website used to be really fun but now I only renew for the presale codes. Sad but true.
  5. Wow that is great that you two got your $10.00 returned. Last year when I went to renew, there was no "Re-subscribe" option. Only the option to become a new subscriber. I contacted the powers that be and the issue never was repaired. After 8 weeks or so I just ended up subscribing as a new member because I didn't want too much time to pass. Now my info page says I've been a member since 2009, in actuality I've been a member since 2000/2001. I sent another e-mail off yesterday through the help page. I'm really hoping for a resolution this go round. It really isn't about the $10. I am most conce
  6. Very interesting thoughts on dignity vs humility. Thanks for sharing this.
  7. I'm wondering if I should just go ahead and use the dreaded upgrade button. If I do won't that put me on the bottom of the presale status scale? I would renew/upgrade in a heartbeat if I knew that this would not be the case....
  8. Still not renewed. No options showing except the "upgrade your account". It really was never about the extra $10, although that doesn't seem exactly right either. I was more concerned with losing my presale status. I've been a very long time member and would like to keep that if possible. Does anyone know if this is being worked on at all yet?
  9. Still have not renewed. It's not that I don't want to, but the website still only has the buy for a friend link. I should have renewed in the beginning of March, have I lost my status? Can anyone help please?
  10. Website still only shows the buy for a friend link...
  11. Just tried the logging out trick and still no love.
  12. Thanks Baja. I fall into group B. I tried to renew before my expiration date and was unsuccessful.
  13. I'm so sad!! I still have not been able to renew my subscription and as of midnight, I have lost my status. I have been a member for years and years. What should I do?
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