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  1. Update: I have received word back from LiveNation and they advised me to use the upgrade option for renewal, and to send them my order# for the $10 reimbursement. She also said that I will be able to keep my priority status. Wow, after last years debacle I was not expecting a positive outcome. The woman I dealt with is named Barbara, I highly advise anyone with issues to seek her out.
  2. Hey Mr. Fish we are in the same boat here. No reminder, no option to resubscribe only upgrade. As I said before this happened to me last year and I ended up paying $50 instead of $40. Never got reimbursed. I have sent 2 e-mails this year and am waiting for a response. I would like after so many years here to not lose my status.....
  3. Wow that is great that you two got your $10.00 returned. Last year when I went to renew, there was no "Re-subscribe" option. Only the option to become a new subscriber. I contacted the powers that be and the issue never was repaired. After 8 weeks or so I just ended up subscribing as a new member because I didn't want too much time to pass. Now my info page says I've been a member since 2009, in actuality I've been a member since 2000/2001. I sent another e-mail off yesterday through the help page. I'm really hoping for a resolution this go round. It really isn't about the $10. I am most concerned with losing my member status since it looks like there may be new music and a tour on the horizon, no pun intended! Lol
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