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  1. Hey I used contact form from here, from bsimerch.com, their live chat, everything but phone calls. Thanks for your reply
  2. Fanfire was not the best for the shop but this bsimerch.com is even worse. Still waiting from October 31st. Got several mails from them each time postponing the shipping for some reason. Last one was order out by the end of last week. My order status is still UNFULFILLED. Waiting 24h more than I'll ask for a refund.
  3. Here I am, answering to the mods roll call. Last stop of the decade. And what decade it was!!! I was not around lately but nevertheless I haven't forgotten any of you. Let's enjoy the show and fingers crossed for more to come 😘
  4. Thanks everyone for the feeds pics stories posts comments U2 are alive and kicking Long live U2
  5. In a perfect world we should wake up each Saturday morning with U2 concert to listen to live from the Universe
  6. Why the kitty cat band aid? 😁
  7. I got it perfectly right. Just Trying during a presale makes things harder for the actual buyers You make queue longer and you might have grabbed the last 3 ga and someone else might have given up in buying or forced to buy something different 😉 I do hope everyone got what was looking for
  8. That's totally unfair towards people trying for real Not to mention you might have invalidate your presale code
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