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  1. When people say they peeked years ago, I say you obviously did not see IE/EI.
  2. I can easily see some people in the first presale getting worse seats than the second presale. As orders gets processed, credit card info may not match, people buy more than the alloted amount, etc. Those tickets, often bought several days earlier, eventually go back up for sale. Some shows have no GA's and a few hours later they are plentiful. Secondary ticket markets complicate matters, as they buy up huge amounts of tickets. They even pay homeless people to stand in line and buy them. There are a lot of variables that go into ticketing; what is or is not available at any given moment. I understand it's a presale and part of our subscription but we are not guaranteed tickets. It is what it is.
  3. I forgot I had the deluxe edition. It must have been released when the CD was first released. I completely forgot about these.
  4. I forgot about these. Weren't they on a DVD rom? I'm going to have to drag out my Vergito cd and see if it was that one.
  5. I listened to the whole show, for the first time, the other day. I had only listened to a couple downloads. I like to wait for the actual gift to have my first listen. (just me) I love this gift. It's one of my all time favorites. My gosh that rhythm in When Love Comes To Town is sick. wow. I love the whole show. Desire on it goes to a whole other level for me. It has a small venue, intimate sound to it which I was not expecting. They sound so very good. Great, Great gift.
  6. Imagine dragons is coming to the Pfiserv Forum In February. I am so on that. They'll be in Chicago too. I'll score a great single to one of those shows and avoid service charges by waiting until closer to the date. Tickets are $125.50. That seems reasonable. Word is that the Green Day Fall out boy Weezer show is the bomb. Rivers Cuomo came out in a studded leather jacket sporting a full-fledged mullet. It was said all three bands should headline but Green Day still blows it away. Our gigantic music festival is taking place. It didn't happen last year. The crowds have been surprisingly small. The flaming lips are performing the final night. They're saying the smaller crowds, because of the pandemic and having to be vaccinated or paid 25 extra bucks to be tested, works in actual music fans favor because of sparse crowds. The flaming lips are going to be there the final night. Those shows are always quiet because it's the end of a long run. I'm seriously considering attending. I can mask up and stay safely distanced. I get free passes so it wouldn't cost a thing. Argh. So close to the Dawes shows. Decisions decisions. I really don't know much of the flaming lips. They've always seemed an interesting band.
  7. and with a coordinated background for the photo!
  8. Wow time flies. It's here again. Hooray.
  9. umm....I posted this in the paid forum and am now posting it here, in hopes others find it as amusing as I am:
  10. Three weeks from today is Dawes. Their venues are slowly demanding vaccination only-you must have paper proof or you do not get into the show. Period. If you don't like it that's too bad (just go away) seems to be the attitude. I'm hoping it sticks and I can see this show. My last concert was Dawes on Sept 3, 2019. I need a concert as much as venues need shows to stay in business.
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