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  1. Go Milwaukee Bucks!!!

  2. She sounds amazing. I'd be charmed if I was on the crew and she was around. So much life comes through in her voice. Thanks again.
  3. She looks sweet! GREAT day for sports for me. I watched the men's final of the Frech Open. Tennis is my favorite sport to watch. Whoa. What a match. The Milwaukee Bucks beat the Knicks, tying up the series. (Yesterday but super duper yay) We were down by two games. I watched the Islanders get one step closer to what I think is going to end up being the Stanley Cup. They look great. Mathew Barzal is on fire. The last dog in the line of Irish Terriers which is so very dear to my heart was shown for the first time this weekend. She got four points; emphasis on she.
  4. Congrats. I'd pay whatever it took to see Dawes if they were saying farewell. I've been going to see An Evening With Dawes shows for almost five years. It was no opening act. Two full sets. No encore. It's been a life altering experience. I saw well over thirty of these shows. I had to do accessible seating when the tour started. FF many shows. They were in Madison, WI. (only 80 minutes away from me). I could not take being in the seats. I know I had to grow some and go for it. I somehow got down to GA and up fairly close I had just had surgery and was suffering. During When The T
  5. I was just thinking about your assessment when I was walking my dog this past week. I now the pandemic interrupted the process, or something. Anxiety stinks. I'm very happy it was not so scary. It's up! It's on! The music is announced. The website is running. I love the poster for this year. the doves make me think of All That You Can't Leave Behind. I mentioned this is the largest Irish Festival in America. They have an Irish musical history tent. The U2 board in that tent respresents them well, however, it needs to be updated to include IE/EI. I'm not sure how...I'm goi
  6. Yay. I got my haircut. I love it. The same girl has been cutting it for over twenty years. It's become a social call as much as an appointment. We had fun.
  7. I got botox shots for migraines, along with a couple others. I should get relief from what have been severe and non-stop migraines. The nurses told me I'm their favorite headache patient. I said, "Wow. Your job must suck." 😁
  8. Congrats, dmway. President Biden (my gosh that feels great) came through this week with releasing vaccines to our neighbors and COVAX; 80 Million by the end of June; 25 million of them immediately. I heard or read that richer countries need to give 20% of their vaccines to the rest of the world for all of us to end this pandemic. President Biden surpassed that mark. What a difference an election can make. We may reach warp speed yet.
  9. A belated very happy birthday to you, pad. My good thing: I've been waiting for a new couch which is taking forever to get built. That forever is supposed to end on June 15. There just so happens to be a temporary dumpster out back for workers clearing stuff. I asked and was able to put my couch in the dumpster. A bud helped me break my now ex-couch into over a dozen pieces and it's in said dumpster. It was beastly hot here today. We got a sweet lake breeze. It cooled down for the removal process. I saved a $75 city fee for furniture removal. I also found a nice cover ($75) for th
  10. It's beastly hot outside. I have AC, thank God. I bought a new fan which I like a lot.
  11. I'm glad they kept the grainy look for this video. I need to go bathe in holy water but I thoroughly enjoyed it.
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