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  1. I did not allow myself to get angry with the stupididty of my current president.
  2. I was at those Vertigo shows in Chicago. That frog knda made it better because he's f'ing Bono (his words, not mine) and proves it under fire. It dd not take away from seeing Elevation live that night.. People were laughing and clapping for him because of it. I cheered even harder. I do not remember a problem with any other nighs in Chicago. I had completely fogotten about it until now. FYI, dmway. For IE or EI (I'm fairly certain it was IE) all the employees of the United Center (where Vertigo is filmed) donated money to the Red campaign. It was a substantial amount.. Bono talked about it at one of those shows and thanked them for being so generous. The United Center is an awesome, awesome venue. I cannot say enough good things about how kind, gracious and professional the people who work there have been, and still are to me and eveyone else. .
  3. Lmao. Did she let you use his (now hers) stick? 😎 Vertigo! A fine choice.
  4. Happy Happy Happy Birthday to you. Happy Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday, Dear Mich Happy Birthday to you. Which one will Mich pick???
  5. Yay! It's been a while, yes? Last I remember, you were hoping they'd give you a splint. I got my dog back after needing someone else to watch her due to almost paralyzing headaches. I'm lstening/watching Even Better Than The Real Thing lve. Bono just told Larry to break on though to the other side of the barricage.
  6. Before the second you turn back, be strong.

  7. Late additiiion to the favorite Adam bass line list: Where The Streets Have No Name. I'm not sure how I missed the most obvious choice for me. I was just listening to The Joshua Tree and it dawned on me that I neglected Streets. Put it at number one on my list.
  8. Ciao, paola. Been a while. I've thought of you and many others I've known in Italy. I hope all is as well as can be expected-you and your loved ones are well. Viva italia.
  9. Though the storm we reach the shore

  10. Manohlive


    Bring a fake one and say they're both from Larry?
  11. I've had enough I'm not giving up on a miracle drug.

    1. mariated


      Everything will be allright. We mustn' t give up!

  12. Manohlive


    You could use 'em to smack the dumb drunks at shows. just kdding? haha (I am)
  13. Twitter feed above- one says Max Tsuinko in 4K/5.1 surround sound. I didn't know that was humanly possible unless he's a secret rock star? 😎
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