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  1. sorry, dmway. Did not realize what you were doing. If I can, I'll be here.
  2. It is available: https://www.u2.com/stream/LiveInBerlin I also had problems finding it.
  3. Imagine, after everything John Lewis faced, receiving the highest cinilian honor The United States Of America's can bestow, from a fellow black man who just so happened to be President of The United States Of America. I can't even begin to fathom what both men must have felt in that moment. We've lost too many great black leaders in the past year or so. Read through these lists, if you have a couple minutes. They are quite remarkable. https://newsone.com/playlist/notable-deaths-2019/item/1 https://newsone.com/playlist/notable-deaths-2020/item/60
  4. Former President Barack Obama is giving Mr. Lewis' euology in eight hours, at 11 am ET.
  5. Undeniably so. Hope!
  6. I don't know. Perhaps this is our answer. This happened yesterady while John Lewis was lying in state in the United States of America's Capitol Rotunda.
  7. I did not realize this was on YouTube. My hair is standing on end. I would endure that heat and sunshine for these ten minutes alone. I had to tell myself to let it go when I couldn't stop wondering if they'd actually do One Tree Hill or not. I was so excited I almost missed Moment of Surrender. Correction to an earlier post about Vertigo: The Wildness tour was not the first time I saw Snow Patrol. They opened for U2 the first time the 360 tour hit Chicago. Wildness was the first time I saw Snow Patrol play a full show. I must have been having a pandemic DUH moment. 😳 That or I'm forgetting cuz I'm still jealous Larry gave his drumstick to someone else and not me? 😝
  8. I'm always up for a virtual viewing. I don't know if I can. Screen time determines that. If I can, I don't have any of those DVD's either.
  9. Found my ticket stub for that 360 show.. I completely forgot that the couple in front of us decided to stand for the fancam. No way I could have tagged myself but I wanted to smack them! 😛 Whenever I think of 360 at Soldier Field, I think of One Tree Hill. I could not believe they were doing it. I almost started with the, "See? They always do something cool the last night of Chicago." speech when I realized my buddy was gonna give me the same look I was giving him when he was whining about the sunshine and heat. Lol It was a lot of fun going through all my ticket stubs-so many memories of so many great concerts I've been fortunate enough to see over the years.
  10. John Lewis is now the first black man to lie in state in the United States of America's Capitol Rotunda.
  11. Duvernay-Tardif says he started to think about people who were going through tougher times — including the physicians he knew from medical school. "I have friends who are working in emergency rooms. One does triage and tests patients for COVID-19. Those people are on the front line, and they're giving everything to protect us," he writes. "I cannot allow myself to potentially transmit the virus in our communities simply to play the sport that I love," Laurent Duvernay-Tardif wrote Instead, he is sitting out the season and going back to work as a doctor to help fight Covid-19.
  12. I'm watching it right now. I hope they do name it after him. I never thought of that.
  13. Representative John Lewis "The conscience of the Congress" of my country. He was severely beaten for marching across this bridge, if anyone does not know.. February 21, 1940 – July 17, 2020.
  14. We could have bought one? How did I miss that? I'm trying to find myself in the pic at the Chicago show. Sadly, I need to find my ticket stub. I've been in Solider Field enough times to know where my seat is without looking at a TM map but I can't remember what section for that show. I blame it on the pandemic. 😀
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