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  1. Just listened. I can hear all sorts of stuff on top. (for lack of knowing how else to put it) Also-to avoid another post: The end of Two Hearts Beat As One HD: that echo sounds amazing.
  2. I was thinking the same when I watched Two Hearts Beat As One last night.
  3. I watched this last night after we inaugurated my country's new President. I thought I had finished tearing up for the day. Nope. Pride got me good. It felt great. This is spectacular. I love Bono's moves in this video. I've never seen anyone dance like that. It seems organic, which is no surprise. It's still refreshing all these years later.
  4. I was hoping we could agree to let the mods make any announcements of the newly remastered videos, even if we see them before they are officially posted here on U2.com. I do not think anyone did it intentionally, however, when one of us announces a new release before they can, we take away their right to do so. This is a special thread. I can only speak for me when I say that if I was one of them, it would hurt me to announce any official news on U2.com if someone had already beat me to the punch. If I was one of them, this thread would be one of the things I most loved about being a moderat
  5. No artist wants to release something that does not meet with his or her approval. The second they released it. people would be criticizing them for putting out crap. (not saying it is)
  6. Please do. I love your comments in the live threads, the music you post in what r u listening to and others.
  7. Production costs would increase. Whomever is in charge of this would be faced with an impossible task. You need different packaging for each format. You need different production lines, or the ones you are using altered. That costs money and can take a lot of time. You need more people so each format could operate on it's own . There is human error, which almost always occurs. Imagine vinyl production hits a snag and halts. What do they do? If they continue to send out the cd's and other formats, while those who chose vinyl sit and wait, people will have a fit. If they stop sending out a
  8. Again, with all the bad news out and about-today is the Feast of Baptism of the Lord for me and many others. The timing with Gloria could not have been better. Many thanks.
  9. Lol I did not. Oh well. I would have renewed in May anyhow. Will there be a listening party? I can adjust. 🙃
  10. I renewed last week. Normally, I don't until May but I want the stream when it's released. I hope there is a viewing party... not that it's a hint or anything 😀
  11. Me too. This is what I meant by here we go again. I was laughing at the cyclical humor in all of this. This thread is new but wonderfully familiar in a very uncertain time for all of us.
  12. Buone Feste e tanti auguri, seresere.
  13. With all the negative news these days-it's nice to sign into this website and see the pic of U2 for the Apollo Show promo. I'm adding it to my wish list.
  14. This is said with nothing but humor: The whole show comments, which I totally understand: Oh boy. Here we go again... 😀
  15. Merry Christmas, Zootopia! 

    1. xrayjets


      Happy Christmas mate !

    2. seresere


      Best wishes!! :ATYCLB_10:

    3. Manohlive


      Instead of thanks, I wish I had a you too reaction.   honk.

  16. I know it's just that you can't win. Sorry. got off topic and envious of anyone who gets to go to Ireland.
  17. So this is where you spend your time in lossilation.
  18. Once again, I think this gift is perfect. I did not expect this show to ever be released, leave alone given as our subscription gift. Yay, Yay, Yay!!! !!! !!! .
  19. Hi. The games part of this site is fun if you like random silliness.
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