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  1. My head is silently playing Anticipation by Carly Simon while looking at this photo.
  2. Could someone please tell me if they will be answering (however) as we watch the live stream or is there a place to post questions before the viewing party? I want to say nice and thanks, U2.
  3. It's next Friday? oops... Post did not watch my country's presidential debate but was up way too late watching the spin during a pandemic lunacy. pardon me. Carry on... 🀣
  4. could someone please give me the link? Hi Hi
  5. It just struck me how stunningly beautiful this photo is. May I ask who the photographer is?
  6. and I was feeling a bit grumbly about noon...
  7. I think it still holds up as well as ever. I can honestly say that if I heard it on the radio today, I'd be trying to figure out who it is so I could hear more of whomever it was. I'm always happy to hear Out Of Control. It's even better live. I remember when I first heard I Will Follow; I was in the student union of my college. It came on MTV. I heard the guitar and was hooked. It's 40 years later and I still cannot get enough of U2.
  8. What I was wondering. It has a home feel to it. Thank you.
  9. Do you know where they are in the video? πŸ€”
  10. Oh to be a bug on the wall of that studio.... Can't say fly so bug will do.
  11. I love that song. I thought it would be okay with them doing it live. It was great.
  12. I like the new changes to the Zoo.Β 

  13. I did not know until I was studying Spanish in college. I think we presume/assume.
  14. One of the three favorite bands, called Dawes, released their seventh studio today. That's eight albums, inlcuding one live, in ten years. I love it. I knew most of the songs from hearing them at live shows. I started adding and I think it's over 60 times I've seen them live. I'm looking forward to the next show. It's going to be very special when we can start to go see concerts again.
  15. I hope Trump heals from Corona but what an idiot that man is.

    1. dmway


      Yes, he's a victim of his own denial and BS. He knew in early February that the coronavirus was spread primarily by air, but still intentionally railed against mask-wearing. Completely reprehensible.

      Agreed as well that I want him not to contract the disease fully and, if he does, that he recovers as quickly as possible. (I have no doubt that his slavish followers would attempt to make him some kind of "martyr" if he died from it. The fact that he would be a karmic victim of his own propaganda wouldn't deter them.)

      Yet another reason to fire him from his job by voting.


  16. I'm listening in segments. I love Matthew McConaughey's bit before New Year's Day.
  17. I can't see the list. It's frustrating. Because it's U.K., there may be great music I have not heard.
  18. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ He is so screwed. I've been waiting for something like this to drop. I've been praying it did before the election. Look past everything and into his eyes. The dude is miserable. (no news, just saying) He bluffed when he ran. He never thought he'd win the election. He knew he was in trouble, due to his past, the moment he did. He ran to create press so he could find more money. I'm still wondering if he is even going to make it to the election. It would not surprise me if he takes the easy way out, takes his ball and goes home. I will struggle, for the rest of m
  19. 1987 alone would make it impossible for me to choose, unless I picked The Joshua Tree, which probably would be my choice if it was necessary. There is also Disintegration and so many others. Can we get ten votes?
  20. Happy 44Β years and thank you, U2.

  21. Got it now. Thank for solving that. I've seen Rattle and Hum. I was here for the viewing party. Duh! Lol
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