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  1. Can't give No Line On The Horizon enough love here.
  2. 1970's. No internet, etc. The Chieftains was my first real exposure to hearing Irish music. I heard his pipes, those beautiful melodies and fell in love.
  3. Paddy Maloney 83 years old.
  4. I saw all Vertigo shows, save one, in Chicago. I had great seats for every one. I had second row when they played my city. Still, I mourn not seeing the Vertigo stadium tour that hit Europe. I'm in bliss watching these right now. Thanks for posting.
  5. Thank you very much. I've not seen a Bond film with Daniel Craig. I want to see No Time To Die. I appreciate the heads up. My good thing: Coldplay is coming to Soldier Field in Chicago on May 28. I'm signed up for the verified fan thing on TM. I've also figured out a way to humbly ask the lady who comp'd me two tickets to the last Coldplay concert at Soldier Field (because it rained the previous Summer when Coldplay was at Soldier Field) for help. Man, I have balls when it comes to this stuff. Rock and roll, baby. The nervous 'I have got to get great seats for this show' rumination begins.' The first time I saw them was GA, Clocks had not been released, not many people were going to the shows and we were right in front. I'm spoiled. BONUS: Ticket prices seem to have come down by at least $50 for this tour versus the last. Yee Haw! My other good thing (equally unexpected) was running into this on YouTube: If you have not seen this, listen to what Sir Paul McCartney says at 1:50. It's quite funny and delicious. I am stoked about this. I did not know. 57 hours of footage? Peter Jackson does not take on small tasks. Wow. Very exciting. I guess I'm going to Disney.
  6. Thank goodness it looks like the numbers are continuing to decline. Models show that happening through January. Let's hope it does. Dawes got cancelled for September 25. I raised a stink with the fan club because it was only announced on Istagram. I'm not sure how much more the band could do. Fans got upset with me, saying it was all about me. I responded saying it was all about the fact that Live Nation failed to pull the sale of the three shows they were handling, one of which was Harrisburg-that night's show. Someone must've seen that because within ten minutes, the sales got pulled. I got thanked. All good but my gosh did some fans irritate me. The show was rescheduled for November 5. They are playing Harrisburg on November 4. It's one of the two last An Evening With Dawes shows. I highly suggest going. It's $45. They are playing Knoxville, TN and it's ten bucks for GA. These guys jam. Looks like I should have four shows in by December 5. Thank goodness all those venues demand vaccinations/face masks/recent neg tests. The other show I'm hoping to see (and get comp'd) is Hamilton. A best friend is completely in charge of ticketing for our run. He's a nervous wreck. It looks like the pandemic will allow me to get one or two comps, with the worse case scenario being I'll get tickets for $69. I badly want to see Hamilton.
  7. Poitin (my dog's daughter) had puppies-Three female, one male. Four new Irish Terriers are in the world. That's always a great thing.
  8. If this place was rocking so hard the 360 cams were shaking, they did a great job of mixing the audience with the music.
  9. I got my dog groomed and had a lovely visit with a dear, dear friend today. Before: (shame) In my defense-she's a lot cuter when it's combed the right direction and it's not my fault she decided to go roll in everything right before the photo-op? the owner shame no matter...one lady in Michigan totaly bitched me out when she saw a pic of Ri'ri' with ruffles. After: 3 hours. Another round in about ten days. It is very difficult to sit and let someone else work on my dog, even if it is this lady doing it. She's the one who taught me every thing I know about Irish Terriers. I just wanna smack her every time my dog whimpers, which is a lot. (my dog plays it to the hilt) She kept telling me how well I was doing, as though I were the dog.
  10. Perfect weather here again. I was supposed to see a band calleled Dawes in concert this past Saturday. It was cancelled last minute. It got rescheduled today for November 5. Thank goodness.
  11. Hi 2 @Jforrest1 , @LemonTree7 , @Imakeller If you mean the Melon remixes, that was something subscribers got in the 1990's. It was not a commercial release. Salome' and Lemon are generally the two most popular on it but there are others. They are on YouTube. If you have not heard it, I highly suggest Salome'. It's incredible.
  12. We are having gorgeous Fall weather again. It's perfect. yay
  13. Wanna add I really like their rhythm section.
  14. I've finally had a few good listens. First thought-with and and ALL due respect: Good enough for me to forget I'm listening to Bono's son, which I have now done several times. I don't like the b word but think My King Will Be Kind is a favorite. A Night On the Floor is the standout track but I have been listening to the individual songs as they got released. I'm trying not to hear anything U2. I most heard them in When It Breaks.
  15. Forgot to say the Packers beat the 49'ers this weekend, which is always a relief and big news by me.
  16. Good for you, Doc. The only true pain killer that works every single time, without side effects and expense, in my not at all humble opinion. It's also the best/safest way I can find to get out of the house during a deadly pandemic. My good thing is Ri'ri's (my dog) daughter is going to have 4-5 puppies any time/day now. Nothing against Chicago but I got me a reason to road trip to Kankakee, which is where my current Irish Terrier was born.
  17. When people say they peeked years ago, I say you obviously did not see IE/EI.
  18. I can easily see some people in the first presale getting worse seats than the second presale. As orders gets processed, credit card info may not match, people buy more than the alloted amount, etc. Those tickets, often bought several days earlier, eventually go back up for sale. Some shows have no GA's and a few hours later they are plentiful. Secondary ticket markets complicate matters, as they buy up huge amounts of tickets. They even pay homeless people to stand in line and buy them. There are a lot of variables that go into ticketing; what is or is not available at any given moment. I understand it's a presale and part of our subscription but we are not guaranteed tickets. It is what it is.
  19. I forgot I had the deluxe edition. It must have been released when the CD was first released. I completely forgot about these.
  20. I forgot about these. Weren't they on a DVD rom? I'm going to have to drag out my Vergito cd and see if it was that one.
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