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  1. And the younger kids they inspire...
  2. Amazing. I missed it but am watching highlights. I'm hoping they'll play some with tonight's coverage.
  3. yeah, they got very big with the videos. they were a huge MTV draw. i loved that stuff too. Jesus Just Left Chicago is my fave ZZ Top song. i remember having the eight tracks in my beetle vw with a hole in the floor behind the driver's seat and we would crank ZZ Top. good memories.
  4. I know. It is wondrous! I'm glad they are keeping parts of the graininess in the videos which are being remastered.-especially Wild Horses. I can't imagine the amount of work that must go into each one of these videos.
  5. My dog's name is Ri'ri'. She is an Irish Terrier. I just found out that her eldest daughter is going to be doing the first round of breeding over the next two days. Puppies! Joy is having a bunch of Irish Terrier pups crawling all over and attacking a person. I cannot wait. Meanwhile, mine is very happy now that our new couch arrived. It was months overdue. We were both quite desperate. It's a very handsome couch and well made.
  6. One of the most successful touring bands ever before Eliminator. They held the record for a long, long time. Very sad. I was planning on seeing them in September at our music festival.
  7. Hey. Welcome. Canadenne called it when he said, "What a lovely chicken."
  8. Likewise. Hard to believe he is married and has a kid. It has been fun. Go Lydia Jacoby. The reactions from Seward, Alaska are a lot of fun to watch.
  9. Numb looks and sounds great. Lemon-Back Yard Club Mix: Was Melon the first extra from Propaganda besides the actual issues? I can't remember an earlier one.
  10. I tuned into the Olympics and watched Tom Daley finally win a gold medal, along with Matt Lee. Go Great Britain! Very happy about this one.
  11. Not in order: The Joshua Tree No Line On The Horizon Achtung Baby Zooropa The Unforgettable Fire (many very honorable mentions)
  12. The postal service in America is still slow. We are experiencing a spike in the Delta variant of Covid-19, which is increasing in its threat. That's starting to have an impact. It may shut everything down again. Production of everything has been halted, in many cases, to a grinding standstill. People are waiting months, past the due date, for furniture, cars, etc. There are few raw materials for production. Costs are soaring. (8-2X4's cost us $50 the other day and that's for pine) I'm planning on the worst and hoping for the best with this gift. Remember it has to go through our customs b
  13. Go Bucks!  Fear the Deer...

  14. Thoughts and prayers to Belgium and Germany.

  15. That was a really fun movie. He was so cool.
  16. They say they want the kingdom but they don't want God In it.

  17. Hello, Mr. Tsukino.

    I am beginning to feel better.  Thank you for all your kindnesses.  It is very much appreciated.   I gotta carry my own weight, stand up straight.  Thank you so very, very much.  I so appreciate what you do.


  18. There you go, buddy.
  19. I will sing!  Sing a new song!  How long?

  20. Sleep like a baby tonight. In your dreams everything is alright. Tomorrow dawns like someone else's suicide. But you're gonna sleep like a baby tonight, tonight.
  21. Awesome, awesome time for music.
  22. They sound really good, Mich40.
  23. Thank you, U2.  I am happy with whatever you do.

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