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  1. 46711 well, sunny days in autumn are probably rare... and cold still too 😄
  2. 46 675 Had 2 weeks off recently, 1 week in Northumberland and another week in the Lake District. Then got back to work on Monday and nothing worked, day wasted fixing everything haha. so much fun...
  3. 46 646 It's been like that up here near the coast (especially Cullercoats and Whitley Bay) even during lockdown. We've been going to quieter places in the countryside instead. There's probably going to be more trouble this week with pubs reopening...
  4. 45 635 One day to go, then we can meet up with friends (remember those?) again!
  5. It's still not as important as the NLOTH toilet brush, which still hasn't arrived...
  6. 45 628 Hope the fence survived, Friday counting!
  7. 45, 624 Yeah, they get a lot more choice, but start younger. A fair few of my Chinese friends get jobs teaching Chinese in Primary or Secondary schools I was forced to do French at high school, which I considered to be useless... Still do haha! Probably because I have no desire to go to France.
  8. 45, 622 Asian languages are taught in the UK now, especially Chinese & Japanese. They actually start in primary school, which is the best time to learn.
  9. 45618 I can't count and I don't know anything about Latin... But it seems interesting
  10. 45 615 Rich person with easy life says hate slightly richer people...
  11. Where on earth is my NLOTH toilet brush? Still hasn't been sent...
  12. 45 567 Be careful, could be Norovirus! I had that last year, couldn't stop being sick for 48 hours...
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