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  1. 45 567 Be careful, could be Norovirus! I had that last year, couldn't stop being sick for 48 hours...
  2. 45 563 Holiday counting. Having a nice chilled out day, will be going out with me camera later
  3. 45 457 Mid day count. Nice N Sunny here. Pity can't go out ;(
  4. 45 437 Why is it always sunny in Britain when you can't go out? ☀️
  5. 45 426 Well from Yesterday onwards we've all been working from home... So at least he can't infect anyone else! Not liking working from home though. I miss the social interaction, even though I don't like people!
  6. 45414 Doesn't matter how many times the emails go round at work, one of my colleagues still coughs and sneezes into the open air. At least 5 people have caught his cough because of this...
  7. 45 387 Watched the entire series of Good Omens on Amazon Prime on Sunday. Absolutely brilliant
  8. 45 367 Need to get reading Book Of Dust 2 again, I stopped after a few chapters...
  9. 45 360 - Could be the name of a tour....
  10. 45 354 Had a nice day out in Warkworth today, just wish the days were longer... 2 hours on the bus each way...
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