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  1. How can we achieve world peace? Malala believes girls' education is key. https://www.globalcitizen.org/en/content/malala-afghan-taliban-peace-talks-girls-education/?utm_source=social_facebook&utm_medium=Global Citizen (Default)&utm_campaign=general&utm_content=traffic&fbclid=IwAR0cx22BJxXQBqu7w524FjiKzTn9pIfcDrSDFlk2-A5PgOVElduEikLSDOM
  2. Every year on September 21st, the United Nations International Peace Day is observed throughout the world. This year, we all find ourselves against a new, invisible, common enemy. COVD19 is a tireless virus that threatens our health, security and very way of life. The virus has unexpectedly thrown our world into turmoil and has reminded us that what happens in one part of the planet can impact people everywhere. For International #PeaceDay 2020, the United Nations is inviting the world to unite and share thoughts on how to overcome this adversity, heal our planet and change it for the better. Even though we may not be able to stand next to each other, we can still dream together. We can celebrate today by spreading compassion, kindness and hope in the midst of this pandemic. We are so thankful to our volunteers, donors, supporters and friends for their ongoing support during this period of uncertainty and look forward to when we can all be reunited again! Hopefully, someday soon, all of this will be a reminder of a time where the world united while remaining apart.
  3. Are you watching Britain's Got Talent tonight at 8pm? Join us in wishing our friend Sam and all of the amazing Sign Along With Us good luck. We know you will do an absolutely amazing job, and your performance will be spectacular. Comment below with your good luck messages. We know they will mean the world to Sam. Watch their golden buzzer worthy performance here: https://bit.ly/35JimyT
  4. Have you heard about Gig Buddies? Gig Buddies matches people with a learning disability with a volunteer who shares similar interests to engage in activities together. The lockdown has been tough, with less opportunities for buddies and volunteers to to meet up. But it hasn't stopped them from finding new ways to stay in touch, taking part in online socials and activities, and keeping friendships alive. Watch this video to see how Gig Buddies has continued to make a positive impact throughout a difficult time. Want to find out more? Visit our website! https://www.mencap.org.uk/.../volunteer-mencap/gig-buddies
  5. Thousands of people have signed our petition calling on Chancellor Rishi Sunak to increase funding for social care. If you haven't already, please add your support at https://secure.mencap.org.uk/hidden-social-care-crisis We want to hit 10,000 signatures and need your help to do it. Our research found that seven out of ten people with a learning disability have seen their social care cut during the lockdown. We want to see commitment from the Government to make sure the crisis in social care does not get any worse for people with a learning disability as well as their carers and families. Thank you for your support.
  6. Hands up - who's watching The Great British Bake Off tonight? Say hello to Cassandra and Tracey, who we support in Dunstable, who have been busy in the kitchen at home. They wanted to share their baking skills with you all. They were inspired to make their own Battenberg cake, just like the Bake Off contestants made tonight for cake week. Well done ladies - it looks delicious!
  7. Fiddle-player and academic Liz Doherty has just launched 'I Teach Trad', an innovative new programme for teaching teachers of Irish traditional music. She spoke to the The Journal of Music about her aims for the course. Check out this article for the link to this handy resource! https://journalofmusic.com/news/i-think-theres-massive-gap-how-we-teach-more-advanced-learners-liz-doherty-her-new-online?fbclid=IwAR06QtSd0nm1nGdu9GovATDDGGIymTA8AW88HGo7AafWwzX9NkfjzXHlrKw
  8. “People sometimes assume you don’t know what’s going on,” Cillian said. “Sometimes, they’ll shout really loud into your face as if you’re not able to hear them. Music gives me a chance to be able to express myself.” The remarkable Cillian McSweeney uses eye-gaze technology to create lyrics and music in honour of frontline workers. Music Generation has shared incredible stories of Cillian's achievements over the years, proudly supported on his journey by Music Generation Cork City and their partners at SoundOUT . In this article from EchoLive.ie, Cillian opens up about hopes for a brighter future: https://www.echolive.ie/.../Remarkable-Cork-man-defies...
  9. Music Generation Laois has created a beautiful short film, 'The Impossible Dream: Colonel James Fitzmaurice', for Culture Night 2020. A creative collaboration between Laois County Council Arts Office, Music Generation Laois Trad Orchestra and composer Martin Tourish, supported by Creative Ireland Laois . Directed, shot, and edited by Naoise Kettle Music recorded, mixed, and mastered by Martin Tourish Music 'The Princess Xenia' composed by Martin Tourish & The Music Generation Laois Trad Orchestra Location: Limetree Airfield, Emo, Co. Laois More details about this wonderful project in the attached post.
  10. Music Generation Roscommon were delighted to facilitate a recent songwriting camp with Roscommon Youth Service . The participants from Foróige and Roscommon Leader Partnership worked together with the Musician Educators from MG Roscommon to write and perform this wonderful song for Culture Night, 'So Long'. Well done to all involved
  11. Rest in power, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a champion for women’s rights and social justice. Your courage and passion will continue to inspire us every day.
  12. Me after a week of working like a dog… Amazon.com/RED
  13. Thank you Apple for introducing another (RED) product that saves lives: Apple Watch Series 6 (PRODUCT)RED.
  14. TOMORROW! Shop the (RED) merch drop featuring work by Ron English , Hebru Brantley / Hebru Brand , Karabo Poppy Moletsane , Steve ESPO Powers, & WK Interact . A percentage of each purchase will go to help mitigate the impact of #COVID19 on HIV/AIDS programs in sub-Saharan Africa. Tune in on 9/21 5PM PST / 8pm EST exclusively on NTWRK . https://www.red.org/reditorial/red-merch-drop-on-ntwrk?fbclid=IwAR1HCyF6pBEvvFsTP_tBeYyEMAjyQFlTEma-R4aDe3rUwubbjQePHefSTSQ
  15. Apple Launches First Ever Apple Watch (PRODUCT)RED! https://www.red.org/reditorial/apple-watch-series-6?fbclid=IwAR38tT6IWMRny33dT5HBQ3jnn7Eyjp9HDDDxrsfXVfd8vKtM-p_WH7HsEDA
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