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  1. A lovely opportunity for young Music Generation flute players nationwide: Flute workshops with Gareth McLearnon, an International performing flautist and Haynes European Artist in Residence. These workshops will take place online Friday 29th May and 5th June 12-1pm. More details at Cork Summer Band Camp. An initiative of CIT Cork School of Music, a partner of Music Generation Cork City.
  2. Tune in to RTÉ2 this morning as Music Generation Laois percussion tutor Dale Mckay busts out some fantastic beats on the Home School Hub! Join in with Dale's beat box and free style beat box rhythms today and Thursday 28th May at 11am 🥁🙌Find out more: https://www.musicgenerationlaois.ie/
  3. Join the International Music Council’s live Facebook discussion Wednesday May 27th at 11:30am - how can we make sure that these music rights continue to be respected during and in the aftermath of crisis? The IMC debate is their reply to UNESCO’s invitation to start a dialogue about the current challenges faced in the field of music. 'To promote access to music for all and the value of music in the lives of all people' is the declared mission of the International Music Council - A mission which resonates strongly with Music Generation!
  4. Nicola Benedetti, leading Scottish violinist has gathered together a group of musicians to offer three weeks of mass tutorials, culminating in a huge online concert due to take place this weekend. There is something for everyone whether you’re studying at conservatoire, a teacher, a young string player, a beginner drummer or just fancy joining in banging some pots and pans - be a part of it! More here: https://www.classicfm.com/…/violinist-free-online-music-le…/ The leading Scottish violinist has gathered together a group of musicians to offer three weeks of mass tutorials, culminating in a huge online concert.
  5. Let's dance and sing our way in to the weekend 🎤🕺 blob:https://www.facebook.com/254e31da-7f02-4327-94a2-5c267ab4be1b
  6. Do you need some Monday motivation? 💪 Why not watch and follow one of our fitness videos on Mencap TV? 🏀 Grab a ball and get moving with Ben - a Special Olympics Basketball Player and Assistant Coach. He leads us through some movements in this simple exercise video. 📺 https://bit.ly/2zoDAUX #MoveWithMencap
  7. Every Tuesday on Mencap TV people with a learning disability share their cooking tips and favourite recipes for you to watch and create at home. 🍽️ Today Mark shows us how to cook a simple and delicious chicken curry...YUM! 🍛 Watch now and #CookWithMencap 🍴
  8. 📺 It's time to get creative over on Mencap TV and today we welcome back our brilliant artist, Tris!‍✏️ Watch along to see if you can guess which superhero he is drawing and comment below when you see it 👇 Share your creations with us using #CreatewithMencap 🎨
  9. New modeling has shown that the #COVID19 pandemic could have a major impact on new HIV infections among children in sub-Saharan Africa. https://www.unaids.org/en/resources/presscentre/featurestories/2020/may/20200519_covid19-new-hiv-infections-children?fbclid=IwAR0CmGT5rr8HiGLxfOJviTa323gQEurssbjzSh63b9mOWMs6JAAZSZ_z_i4
  10. ONE’s famous friends are giving up their social media platforms to health experts, world leaders, and economists to share the facts, science, and data on how we can beat #COVID19. https://www.red.org/reditorial/passthemic?fbclid=IwAR0Lw8KwbcvLcPBf7Xtnq4k5W4vo61yEWbko2KWvKsts7s17tzOtaYkxpWg
  11. “The predictions if we do not have a coordinated global response to COVID-19 are quite clear: We will have a recurring virus.” - Former President of Liberia, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.Today actor Hugh Jackman handed over his social media channels to #PassTheMic to President Johnson-Sirleaf - who discussed why strengthening healthcare systems around the world and having a coordinated global response to #COVID19 are important.Demand action now to protect everyone, everywhere. #ONEWorld https://go.one.org/2Zk80Cr
  12. We’re so thankful to Hugh Jackman for letting President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf take over his social media accounts for the day to talk about the much-needed global response to the #COVID19 pandemic. On today’s #PassTheMic, read more from President Johnson-Sirleaf on COVID-19 including why “effective and collaborative action” is needed. Remember to add your name to the petition and come together in solidarity for #ONEWorld https://go.one.org/3d7exUV
  13. “We need to mitigate against a second strike – it’s more important than the economics, education, and everything else we need to do – because if we don't control it, we could get another massive spike.” - David Anderson, frontline nurse and Director of Quality and Infection Prevention and Control at Nightingale hospital Manchester (nhs.uk) treating #COVID19 patients. Today, for our #PassTheMic campaign 🎤 actor Alan Cumming donates his social media channels to David, who answers questions on why a global response is vital to avoid a second spike in the fight against #COVID19. Sign up and call for action to protect everyone, everywhere now. #ONEWorld https://go.one.org/2Zk80Cr
  14. Are you 🧠 practical, 🦸🏽‍♀️fearless and 💥determined? Then we have a quest for you! https://quest.one.org/?utm_source=facebook&source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=gavi&fbclid=IwAR0E__xtRfFsLZ7y8JWVfEm6RTy_ya-MKFkFf1EuZBuI1_c1OXXZYp6GgXg
  15. #PASSTHEMIC If we’re left alone to fight this, I don’t think we stand a chance 23 May 2020 10:31PM UTC | By: DR. ISAAC OLUFADEWA SIGN THE PETITION Demand a Global Response to Coronavirus EmailAdd your name Share on Facebook Save on Facebook Share on Twitter Share by Email Dr. Isaac Olufadewa is the executive director of the Slum and Rural Health Initiative Network in Nigeria. We interviewed Dr. Olufadewa as part of our #PassTheMic series. Here’s some of what he had to say. Here in Africa not only do we have the coronavirus crisis, we also have health systems that are really struggling. Looking at some of the problems we are facing right now, one of the things that we are really battling against is misinformation and fake news. So without tackling these issues, people won’t go to receive services even if they are free. That’s why I have been really involved with providing accurate healthcare information and translating it into local languages. Then when it comes to African governments themselves, many don’t have access to equipment, testing facilities, and personal protective equipment (PPE). What’s needed now and what can’t be forgotten In addition, increasing the testing capabilities of African countries is really important. In Nigeria, we currently have less than 15,000 coronavirus tests being done, even though we have a population of 200 million people. Whereas South Africa has done over 250,000 tests. So while Nigeria claims to have about 2,500 coronavirus cases, we know it is really more than that. We also need more supplies for physicians on the front lines. Because without PPE, masks, and gloves, the hospitals will become transmitters of these diseases. The state where I live has the biggest hospital in Nigeria, and 60% of cases right now in my area are being traced to that hospital. So that is a big concern. Another thing that is being affected during this time of disruption is the chain of other healthcare services. For example, we don’t have HIV services running during this lockdown period. I also worry about reproductive health, routine child vaccinations, and healthcare services for women. We really need to ensure that these services are up and running. Otherwise we will probably lose more people as a result of neglecting these than from the coronavirus crisis itself. Countries cannot fight this alone I believe a coordinated response is really needed right now. Countries cannot be left alone to fight this. If Nigeria is left alone to fight this, I don’t think we stand a chance. That’s the truth of the situation. The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control has already highlighted the lack of PPE, bed space, and isolation centres we face. We know that most of these cost money, so there is definitely a need for economic relief or some kind of stimulus package for countries. It’s also very hard for slum communities in Nigeria and other parts of Africa to follow the physical distancing being recommended. We cannot really talk about what hygiene and sanitation look like when people don’t even have running water. How can we protect street children begging? What about the level of illiteracy in Nigeria? I just can’t really imagine the virus getting to the slums, which are really crammed, overcrowded places. That worries me. So we as individuals need to hold the government accountable for their plans going forward. Unfortunately, the government has already started relaxing the lockdowns in Nigeria, because people were pressuring them. There’s also a need for us to ask where the money that’s being donated to fight COVID-19 is being spent. For example, we need to be saying: “We know that you received $24 million from the World Health Organisation, or this amount from a philanthropist, so how have you spent this money?” We need action, not just talk Overall, I would say I’m optimistic about the level of concern for Africa. I recently signed an open letter to the United Nations calling for a global equity task force. I’ve also seen messages from other countries, acknowledging our weak healthcare systems and the need to do something about them. I’ve also been reading research articles and one which really resonated with me said: “Let’s not repeat the mistakes we made during the HIV/AIDS pandemic.” In sub-Saharan Africa, when the rest of the world has moved on, they are still battling with HIV/AIDS. So, I’m learning that people want to tackle this problem and that gives me some level of hope. However, on the other hand, I’ve been hearing a lot of talk, but what has been done? We will be hearing about the creation of the global equity task force to ensure that there is equitable access to healthcare during COVID-19, but what has been done to put this in place? We definitely need to see action, not just talk. These excerpts from the interview were edited for length and clarity. Hear more from experts in our #PassTheMic campaign, where global health experts take over celebrities’ social media channels to share the data, facts, and science we need to know to end COVID-19. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for more. Demand a Global Response to Coronavirus People all over the world are standing in solidarity with each other to fight coronavirus, but the virus keeps moving fast. The pandemic will inevitably wreak its worst on the communities and countries that are least able to withstand the shock. Let’s stand with the most vulnerable whether they live across the street or across the ocean. We are one world and it’s time to fight for humanity against the virus. Sign our petition telling governments that a global pandemic demands a global response. Dear World Leaders, The world needs a Pandemic Response Plan to: Protect the vulnerable, support essential workers, and make a vaccine available to everyone Support people worst hit economically Strengthen health systems so we’re ready if this happens again
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