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  1. Voter suppression? Patagonia says not today. https://www.globalcitizen.org/en/content/patagonia-donate-georgia-voting-rights-groups/?utm_source=social_facebook&utm_medium=Global Citizen (Default)&utm_campaign=general&utm_content=traffic&fbclid=IwAR0EdDLwsIdRE-TeH3DwORKdZczbzl6sVFD_ntkb6g1OWNFOws6mA_J-nWA
  2. Your carbon footprint is tied to your lifestyle — from the food that you eat to the car that you drive. https://www.globalcitizen.org/en/content/carbon-footprint-explained-how-to-reduce-yours/?utm_source=social_facebook&utm_medium=Global Citizen (Default)&utm_campaign=general&utm_content=traffic&fbclid=IwAR04uW68phyWPZo4d9g6na7JFfaHjymKQMzPxXaD5ZUmsUn6GhGmhDAAZa8
  3. What’s cooler than learning a new language? Taking action to end extreme poverty! Take action with us and you could win a 6-month Plus subscription from Duolingo and #GCRewards! Enter here: https://bddy.me/3taw1YC
  4. She's showing up to help keep Asian Americans safe https://www.globalcitizen.org/en/content/woman-raises-100k-for-asian-americans-new-york/?utm_source=social_facebook&utm_medium=Global Citizen (Default)&utm_campaign=general&utm_content=traffic&fbclid=IwAR3tEhHaljV3FeGz0XwFz2Vg2qnPIbcpDfQxYfV4sj14g4ddTdpBvaHsiBg
  5. CCI Voluntary CEO, Adi Roche, and Dr Mary Murphy out for a socially distanced walk in Blackrock this week, clocking up the kms for #35kmForChernobyl
  6. Today is National Siblings Day! Siblings play a vital role in the lives of their brothers and sisters with a disability. Those unique and special relationships deserve to be celebrated - it's a sibling thing! Whether the pandemic has made it difficult to see your sibling, or if it has meant that you've been supporting your sibling more than ever, Sibs - for brothers and sisters can help. Find out more and get involved: www.sibs.org.uk/nsd2021
  7. Here's the fantastic Makaton with Lucinda helping us celebrate National Siblings Day with her brothers, Evan and Zack! They're showing us the Makaton sign for sister. Good job, everyone! Can you sign 'sister' now? We'd love to see! Share your videos and photos below. https://fb.watch/4PeZXi4hU2/
  8. The #COVID19 pandemic has affected many sibling relationships. Maybe you have not been able to see your brother or sister as much as you would have liked through lockdown.Or perhaps you have been called on to support your sibling much more in this time. Sibs - for brothers and sisters have organised online support sessions for adult siblings of people with a learning disability.You can share stories, offer support, and hear from others in a friendly, informal way. Find out more here: https://www.sibs.org.uk/suppo.../online-support-sessions-lde
  9. Two appearances in one day from Makaton with Lucinda ! Well National Siblings Day is a special day after all. Lucinda is back with Evan and Zack to show everyone the #Makaton for brother. They're having lots of fun with this one - it's a sibling thing for sure! Great signing again, thanks for sharing guys. Over to you now - can you sign 'brother' like Lucinda? Show us in the comments! https://fb.watch/4PeUskw5vo/
  10. Meet Jamie and Lucy. They're a brother and sister team who share an incredible bond. They share their life together with the world through their blog - "Loaf and Luce" - which you can read at https://www.instagram.com/loaf_and_luce.For National Siblings Day, Lucy has written about how much they mean to each other and how their relationship has helped them through the pandemic."Most people looking in on mine and Jamie's relationship would assume that he isn’t able to fulfil many of the ‘big brother’ responsibilities" Lucy says."There are times that our relationship differs hugely from the big
  11. Now that you’ve met the critters living in #Pandemica, find out how they came to life. Check out our behind the scenes video of the making of Pandemica and join our fight to #EndThePandemic. https://go.one.org/38YUg3T https://fb.watch/4PeNhr2yrg/
  12. “That’s what I like about this place, giving opportunities to young people who want a better life and to have an impact on their communities. - Asekho, a former ambassador of IKhaya Le Langa. IKhaya Le Lana, a not-for-profit in South Africa, is helping create jobs and opportunities to grow for young men in the community. Here's a closer look at how. https://go.one.org/3e48OkH
  13. What does inequality look like in the pandemic?Right now, a few rich countries have enough #COVID19 vaccines to vaccinate their populations almost three times over, while less than 1% of doses administered globally have gone to low-income countries.This means that some low-income countries haven’t even been able to start vaccinating their healthcare workers and vulnerable populations.Help change that and #EndThePandemic. Take action now by signing our petition. https://go.one.org/3cFNeDD #Pandemica
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