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  1. Just checking in as you missed the live show (so did I)
  2. I can not believe I missed this 😿 Look like it was a great show!! 🎩 👽
  3. I am not going to Vegas for this week. I actually was almost there for work this past week That might have been nice to stay an extra couple of days. I'm not really a city person anyway. I enjoyed the live shows online, right from my living room. It us pretty cool all the special events around the show. U2 & team really know how to set up a show.
  4. Hope you are recovering peacefully. I had I migraine today. I diluted some Rosemary Essential Oil in some olive oil and massaged it in to my head. I made sure I had a good amount on the pressure points. I feel so much better. I have some fresh rosemary I'll boil off in water until the water is dark, then soak a cloth to apply a compress, put Enya on a timer., and probably sleep for 10 hours. 😴Good Night! That's my good thing today!💥
  5. It's like that where I live too. It's months out to get something fixed.
  6. Sorry to hear you are in pain. I thought you found something to help. I'm familiar with alternative therapies if you need any suggestions. Can you set your alarm for every hour to make sure you drink water or something. I had. a bottle with marks on it for every two hours at work. I would be busy and forget. Do you have some meal replacement powders or drinks? They can seem pricey, but don't really cost more than $2 a meal. Too bad you're so far away, I always have a lot of extra food
  7. The power went out in my apartment. The power company is fixing a downed wire. 💥 The good news is I don't have very much in the fridge, so the damage is minimal
  8. Yes! I'm experiencing a lot of stuff around me for the past couple of months, Just staying out of the frey.
  9. I could see why your grandmother would want to tell you that as she would like you to be safe and stay out of trouble.....however..... in experience it changes a lot for me. I just met a bunch of new friends. It makes me think of "The opposite of belonging is fitting in" Brene Brown
  10. Yes, and the new release of Stay, goes with the theme really well. Listening to it now. I'm drawn in by the production, the music, it's deep. Zootopia is the best seat in the house 😉☕
  11. Maybe if I understand it better later I'll like it. I'm just one person and I don't want to bring other people down, Las Vegas is fun for some people. If I had an underground compound with greenhouse windows, indoor ponds etc. Something other, maybe I'd like it. Too much for me, that area 51 stuff, the desert, 👽👽👽👽
  12. I apologize for being dismissive. I shouldn't have said anything. 😎
  13. Yes, it's great to see Larry back on form & that he can be around for the show, even if he's going against doctors orders 😊
  14. I like the music, maybe if I see the words, Las Vegas, I guess you have to be there 😉🙈
  15. 🤔🧚‍♂️'I'm not sure I like the song..
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