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  1. Thank you Mano. I hope he's not quite ready to leave us. Willie Nelson is an American Icon.! I was hoping I might get to see him at Farm Aid. An activist & a legend!β€πŸ™ I apologize for being so brief, I'm exhausted from work. The end of a long week.
  2. Willie is feeling ill. Please pray for him if that is your way πŸ™β€https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=116572826731216&id=101367811585051
  3. She's spoiled!☺🐾
  4. 😊 Happy Birthday Bono!
  5. https://www.thejournal.ie/bono-ryan-tubridy-5094066-May2020/ This makes me happy.. ☺🌼😎
  6. 45 488 my current mood Maybe I'm confused about the thread...
  7. Thought of you all in your holy day!β˜ΊπŸ™πŸ€– 45 487
  8. I've been managing my negativity. I'm often swimming against the tide so I can't get caught up in it. As for celebrities who annoy me, there's an off button that's quite useful. I like Jimmy Fallon at Home. I watch in the morning. Very cool celebrity "Mc Mansion" , & very unique. Did you see that movie Downsizing? It starts off kind of like a regular movie, then it seems like just maybe boring so I might turn it off, then there's a plot twist. One of the best movies ever. I haven't seen many sitcoms, I just rent DVD's.
  9. I have been working with a slight change in my schedule. Slow & steady wins the race. 🐒 I'm relieved to realize that I don't have to figure out what's going on..I just have to keep to the usual, adding a mask , social distancing at work. Setting those boundaries is empowering & challenging. I've had my ups & downs, all in all I'm busier, so I'm working on becoming more efficient to meet my goals and not become to overwhelmed. Hoping to get outside more.
  10. 45466. β›… Overcast weather today. πŸ€ πŸ‡ Be well, all β˜•
  11. 45 455 Very few cases in my area of the US. I'm wearing a mask when I go outside & practicing social distancing. I'm still working. It's good but weird. We have staff meetings & updates twice a day as policies & procedures consistently change. It can be a real challenge with Social Distancing & incorporating that, along with assuring the safety & workers rights.
  12. 45 447 Don't you have Pandora there? Or Spotify. I'm really enjoying Pandora. 80's Alternative..you might really like it.
  13. 45 446 It's a little more involved than that. There are 5 million Yogis in the Northeastern States. There are Indigenous people's in the US.. Well I don't see 'take over' as something possible, but an earth centered ethic and a radical approach to climate change would align with a lifestyle that is spiritually balanced. Who (besides Bono) could have seen something like this happen. The whole industrialized system is slowing down. * Just the National Parks *πŸ˜‰
  14. Seriously, I'd love it. It's an option for me, I'll work as long as I can. How is this working for you? 44 443. (45 443)
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