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  1. 45620 Here in Belgium you can choose for Latin or Greek in secondary school. I don't know if that is so in the UK.
  2. 45617 I don't know anything about Latin, but I can count. It's a pity though there is no nice round number in sight.
  3. 45606 We had a winter offensive here with ice cold temperatures up to minus fifteen at night and lots of snow. It lasted for seven consecutive days. Yesterday/Sunday it began to thaw and now all the ice and snow is gone.
  4. I want to order a few items from the UK Shop (yes, I'm aware I apparently take a risk when I read the comments here), but I wonder if I'll have to pay a surplus since the UK isn't a member of the European Union anymore. A recent order from Great Britain through eBay has costed me a lot. The extra fees represented almost halve of the price of the item I bought and that is a lot.
  5. 45603 Snow has been predicted here for tonight and tomorrow. And the coming days the temperature will be below zero. That's a surprise. I thought winter was more or less over.
  6. 45599 Astonishing. This the first post here in eight days. The weather in Belgium is very mild for the time of the year. Plenty of rain and wind, but the cold has gone. It seems we will have this year only one day of snow. That was around two weeks ago.
  7. 45596 Counting on a grey and windy day. We had snow here on Saturday that only lasted one day. On Sunday all snowflakes were gone.
  8. 45592 A count a day keeps the doctor away. (or is that an apple? )
  9. 45590 You remembered me to count. Thanks.
  10. This was on holiday in Ireland a few years ago.
  11. This is an excellent choice for the annual gift. Although I already have a copy of the show (U2 was on fire that day!) I am looking forward to receive the package in the new year.
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