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  1. I didn't mean that they never should look back again. But right now I feel there is need for new material: a strong new album with which the band can tour. After that they could be celebrating Achtung Baby, also live. But please not the other way around. New work should have priority in my opinion.
  2. I love AB, but the priority now should be new songs. By the way, what can be added to the Uber deluxe box set? Please let's look at the future now, not the past.
  3. The album of Inhaler will be out on July 9.
  4. Thanks @padawanbeck84 and @dmway Belgium missed a colossal opportunity to finally win a big tournament. It is a very big disappointment. The team didn't play well and never found a way to tackle the Itialians. They missed Eden Hazard (still injured), Kevin De Bruyne was less dominating than usual and Romelu Lukaku too. Hopefully the team will be still as powerful during the world cup next year. Coach Roberto Martinez has the intention to stay, which is a good thing.
  5. I love the prediction of @dmway on the previous page. The whole country here is awaiting the match against Italy on Friday. In the other matches England, Spain and Denmark are my favorites.
  6. While the Dutch lost Belgium could qualify after a close and tough game against Portugal. A huge relief. Next game is against Italy. Could we become the winner of Euro 2021? I think it is possible, but we'll need luck. And two key players were injured and need recovery.
  7. Belgium versus Portugal is on Sunday. It's nice to read here positive comments about the Belgian team, but winning against the team of Cristiano Ronaldo won't be easy. And winning Euro 2021 will be a extremely difficult since our country has a very tough game schedule.
  8. 46685 First count here in a week. Counting is apparantly not popular anymore.
  9. @padawanbeck84 All three substitions were key players of the team who have been injured a long time and were just in time fit for Euro 2020/2021. Not only Kevin De Bruyne, but also Eden Hazard (Real Madrid) and Axel Witsel (Dortmund) were thanks to fantastic work of the staff ready for the second game. The trainer deliberately waited for the second half to bring them on the pitch. You could immediately see the difference with the first half. A fantastic evening.
  10. What a game. Belgium started not good in the first halve and was dominated by a brilliant Denmark, but in the second half the team (now with Kevin De Bruyne, Eden Hazard and Axel Witsel) played much better and made two brilliant goals and won with 2-1. I've seldom seen such a change in one game. De Bruyne, very recently operated from an eye socket fracture and player of the year in the English football competition, was the man of the match.
  11. 46684 I bought this little treasure yesterday at Record Store Day. Hope everyone has his or her copy.
  12. 46681 A very late happy birthday to you.
  13. 46679 A post to keep the counting engine running.
  14. 46677 Saturday counting while the weather is splendid.
  15. I understand your point of view, but War has never been my favorite album. But U2 has indeed work to do. I always predicted the band still has three albums in them and I hope they don't forget the raw, rock style the band once had. I listen a lot to Boy and October and hope the band can also find that spirit again. They were truly great in those days, as in several other periods by the way. What we first need now is a bunch of new songs. New material to conquer the charts and the live scene.
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