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  1. 45574 First count here in more than three weeks.
  2. I bought the super deluxe cd boxset last Friday and the new triple vinyl at the same time. Didn't have the time to listen yet, but I am especially happy with the outtakes of the album sessions, the addition of The Ground Beneath Her Feet on the album and also the hardback book of Anton Corbijn. But I don't understand why the live show from Boston is with 19 songs not complete, in contrast to what is announced on U2.com.
  3. A very happy belated birthday Larry!
  4. I ordered U2 stamps from anpost.com. https://www.anpost.com/Shop/Special-issue-stamps/U2-A-Celebration
  5. 45564 This is not a nice round number, but it's ok. .
  6. Apparently we won't get new music in the box. According to Amazon the box will contain the album, the wellknown live show from Boston (Fleet Center), the b-sides and rarities we know already too and eleven remixes. A nice box, but not a surprise.
  7. 45559 Apparently we will get warm weather again in the beginning of next week. On the news they talked about almost thirty degrees. Wait and see.
  8. 45557 Cold, wind and rain. The typical Belgian weather is fully back.
  9. 45553 The temperature is rising here again. But I had enough heat recently, so stop please! .
  10. When U2songs.com announces something it is more than a rumour
  11. 45551 Good afternoon. Sorry to read people here lost their pets. It must be heartbreaking.
  12. 45547 I forgot to count for a long time. Must have been the heatwave we had here. Sorry I have neglected my duties.
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