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  1. 45448 We can also leave the house for work related matters. It's ok for me. It doesn't have to be always like this, but I think I could stand it a few months.
  2. 45442 Schools closed, social distancing and only essential outings like going to a shop or the doctor. Those are the rules here since two weeks. They have been prolonged today for another fourteen days with an option for two more weeks.
  3. 45421 The Corona death toll here has doubled to ten
  4. 45420 We have five casualties by now as a result of the corona crisis. But people do stay or work at home as is advised. The streets are almost empty.
  5. This is a pic from the year 2001, a period in which I had that awful moustache. It's long gone now. I met Adam while waiting outside the band studio in Hanover Quay, Dublin in the hope to meet members of the band. Adam was very friendly and took me by the waist for the picture. If I would describe him I'd say every inch a gentleman.
  6. Happy birthday to Adam Clayton, the jazz man of the band! 

  7. 45411 We hadn't deaths as a result of the corona virus until now. But today three casualties were anounced here. And many events where a lot of people were expexted are cancelled.
  8. Yes, Inhaler was very good. But the concert was very short. It lasted only 45 minutes.
  9. 45403 Counting on a particularly rainy and windy day
  10. Inhaler on Tuesday March 3 in Antwerp.
  11. 45372 Storm Ciara was less heavy here than expected.
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