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  1. 46709 Another great day today. A clear blue sky, nicely warm, no wind, no rain.
  2. 46707 Counting while the weather is still good for the first week of October. Today is even a splendid day.
  3. 46704 Counting at 8 PM while it is already dark outside.
  4. 46702 Adding a number without a particular reason besides keeping the counting going.
  5. 46696 That was 12 days ago. Have you read all those books in the meantime?
  6. Hi, since I live in Belgium I know it can take a while to receive an email from Belgian post. I received the message from U2.com that the package was shipped on August 11 and an email from Belgian post on August 19, so eight days latrer. Since you have already paid you should receive your package soon.
  7. I received the package today. It is very nice and beautiful. Love it.
  8. RIP Charlie. He will be missed.
  9. The guitar straps are sold as pre-orders as they are made to order. The first batch – sold in June - will start to be delivered by early August. More info here: https://www.lovewelcomes.org/collections/the-edge
  10. Very interesting. I hadn't heard about this initiative until I saw your post. You can pre order a guitar strap. More info here. https://www.lovewelcomes.org/blogs/news/legendary-u2-guitarist-the-edge-launches-guitar-straps-in-support-of-refugee-women
  11. Happy birthday Edge! I wish you many years to come and lots of great music for the band.
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