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  1. But can they fit a giant lemon into Bono’s living room for the full Pop Mart experience? 😀
  2. As long as it was less than 100 people, and everyone’s healthy, he’d be fine.
  3. This picture didn’t come out as well as I wanted it to, but here’s my special version of Pink Adam.
  4. I know I’ll never look as fabulous as he does in a strapless dress. 😀
  5. Happy Birthday, Adam! I haven’t yet gotten the chance to meet you, so this is the best picture I have from my first U2 concert in June 2018 in DC. I put Pink Adam on the back of my guitar in your honor, and thanks for your strong, throbbing bass lines, especially in “New Year’s Day.”
  6. That awesome bass looks like its on fire in every sense! 🔥
  7. I think I’m still seeing Primus in June. At least The Wedding Band concert didn’t get cancelled last week, or I would have missed the great and historic Wah-Off contest between Kirk “The Ripper” Hammett and Mrs. Smith the Crazy Manhattan Cat Lady. 😀😙🤘 (I still can’t believe Kirk lost 😮😉)
  8. Are you worried about the coronavirus stopping the concerts?
  9. I never heard a single Primus song until yesterday morning, but in June, I will hear them perform Rush’s entire A Farewell to Kings album in Raleigh, NC.
  10. I’m going to see Cygnus X-2, a local Rush cover band who are planning a big tribute to Neil Peart, but first I’m gonna see the Wedding Band, a supergroup that features the singer from Ugly Kid Joe and Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo from Metallica, and they promise to play “all the songs that you hate hearing at your friends wedding.” 😀
  11. I’m going to see the local Rush cover band Cygnus X-2 in March. They’re performing a special tribute to Neil Peart and the ticket sales will benefit cancer charities.
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