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  1. Anyone know what time the GA line will be allowed into the venue?
  2. I agree - we had similar experiences in 2009, 2011, and 2017. The fan-run lines work fine as long as they begin at the SAME TIME as the GA rules listed by the venue. No lists from some other place where folks lined up before the official GA arrival time.
  3. I mean POP is 21, we can buy it a pint, let's take it out on the town boys! So what would I like to hear? Here are my categories: Songs I know they won't play: Tomorrow, Seconds, 40, Hawkmoon 269, Heartland, Still Haven't Found, Falling at Your Feet, Luminous Times, Salome, Acrobat, Grace, Crystal Ballroom Songs that maaaaybe could make it because POP is 21 and/or work thematically with the new stuff: Discoteque, Mofo, Please, Wake Up Dead Man, If God Will Send His Angels, I Threw a Brick, Love is Blindness, In a Little While, Love and Peace or Else Songs we could reasonab
  4. I think of it as more: If Jesus were preaching the virtues that our current American society appears to hold in esteem, what would He say? Independence, power, fame, privilege, wealth are just some of the "virtues" of our culture. As far as "real" versus "sarcastic": Real would be, "Blessed are those that still seek love, for they have the power to change the world" wheras sarcastic would be "Blessed are the well-dressed men, for poor women made their clothes". These are both examples of submissions featured on the front page.
  5. Mickey Hart would like to have a word with you, lol!
  6. Just musing on some more SOI/SOE connections to previous work... The most affecting line in "Little Things" (for me) is "Sometimes, I'm full of anger and grieving, so far away from believing any sun will reappear". I sense a clear double meaning in sun/Son, and it puts me in mind of a bold, 21-year old singing "Open up to the Lamb of God.....He's coming back, O believe Him!" (or "I believe it!" in some live performances). I remember (MANY years ago, lol) being so struck by a young punk-agitator making such a confident claim on a rock album, and that I'd never heard anything like the
  7. How do you guys feel about flags at shows? When I watch U2 DVDs (especially European shows), there are a lot of flags and signs. Here in the U.S., not so much. Now, I know you can't hold up a sign like a jerk the whole show, but what about just for a moment - either when a certain song comes on or the performer walks by? Same with girls getting on guys shoulders - is it way rock n' roll or way annoying? If it's a "no" to both, and it's not cool for a girl to get on a guy's shoulder during "Red Flag Day" and hold up her sweet red flag that says "Let's get in the water", then how will
  8. Definitely "Little Things"! Also "Red Flag Day" - it has a driving sound that reminds me of their earlier stuff. And I can't wait to sing back and forth with Bono "You and I are, rock and roll!" Cheesy, I know but I think American Soul will get the place bumpin'. "Summer of Love" is another one - it's so dreamy and groovy. I think it would work well for a downtempo live song. I'm also hoping for some of the SOI tunes - I would lose my shite for "This Is Where You Can Reach Me Now".
  9. "We'll shine like stars in the summer night, we'll shine like stars in the winter light. One heart, one hope, one love."
  10. Is this a thing??!! I think it would be cool to have a dark, banging first set (think Mofo, American Soul, Crystal Ballroom, This is where You Can Reach Me Now, God Part I) followed by an introspective interior (Little Things, Every Breaking Wave, Summer or Love) and then just a ridiculously, exuberantly joyful second set with songs like Streets, Ordinary Love Remix, Beautiful Day, Landlady, Love is Bigger. Sort of a journey from innocence to experience. "A musical journey" as Larry would say, lol.
  11. Hi BigBunny! Thanks for your contributions to this community. I'm just getting started here, and I love being with fellow fans. I wanted to say that both U2 and The Message were huge parts of me becoming a Christian. I was raised in church with King James and then (gasp!) NIVs, but those Bibles felt like scary books that you copied from as punishment in Sunday School. I certainly didn't want to read the Bible and consequently had no idea what was in there. When I first heard "Love Rescue Me" and "Acrobat" at the age of 21, my world shattered. I finally realized that I needed rescuing
  12. Squeeze the handle, blow out the candle. Thank you for posting!
  13. You. I like you a lot and I hope all you say comes to pass!
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