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  1. I want a president who will get up in the morning, go to work and do his job quietly. Every single day of the last four years President Trump has been in the news running off his mouth. Enough. The president should only be on my radar if there is a problem or if there is an issue that I need to know about. In actual fact I have barely any interest in politics and I'm truly sick of it intruding on my daily life. It's harshing my mellow man.
  2. One hundred years ago today. Rest in peace.
  3. I don't think that it's about winning the election now. The dogs in the street know that Joe Biden is the 46th president. Trump needs to find a single case of vote tampering so he can spin it into "See I told you they were stealing the election. What else did they get away with? I'm the real winner. I was robbed." Ego, ego, ego. Rudy, Graham, Cruz ect are seeking the support of Trump's hardcore base. They are casting themselves as defenders of democracy and the will of the people. The Trump cult will need new heroes and the aforementioned are falling over themselves to fit that role.
  4. Rudy's demise is stunning. In the months and years after the 9/11 attacks he was held in high regard by one and all for his steady leadership. Now he is steadfast in his commitment to making a spectacle of himself and tearing his reputation asunder. He has become a poorly written character in a comedy sketch. The man who once could have been president has flung himself into the dung heap of the Trump administration and is floundering before the entire world's eyes. #sad
  5. I came in to mention potato vodka but I see that it has already been covered. Carry on.
  6. I'm happy to say that my info was incomplete @dmway. Didn't know about GA when I posted but it is welcome news indeed. ✌
  7. In this election four states flipped from Republican to Democrat. None flipped the other way. Seems like Mr Trump is going to Make America Democrat Again.
  8. As the saying goes @Manohlive: "You can make some of the people happy some of the time but you can make all of the people happy all of the time by not giving them even more remixes." 😉
  9. A friend recommended I check out a certain Grateful Dead album which I bought used on Ebay. It just arrived in the mail and the package seemed heavy for just one CD. I opened it and turns out that the seller included SEVEN bonus CDRs. These are a Willie Nelson radio session, a three disc GD show and a concert by The David Nelson Trio. Very cool surprise on a Friday 13th.
  10. I'm so disappointed that senior Republicans are still enabling the delusion by sticking by the President and insisting that the election is not over. This only undermines the democratic process and prolongs discord. Truth be told I expected them to distance themselves from the Trump administration once defeat was obvious. They still have a political career to think about. Perhaps loyalty to the outgoing president will gain them approval from his hardcore supporters, but at what cost to decency? It's a mess.
  11. From what I understand this applies to possession of small amounts. If you are caught with under X amount you won't be criminally charged but there still may be a fine and a requirement to attend drug education classes. As you said the details are hazy right now but I'm certain that all will become clear once Oregon authorities iron them out.
  12. We are not losing any sleep @dmway. As you correctly stated the burden is their's to carry. Better days are coming.
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