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  1. Paddy Maloney has left so much music behind for future generations to enjoy. Perhaps his greatest quality was his lack of snobbery. He worked with anyone from pure trad artists to pop stars. The Stones even appeared on an album by The Chieftains. Sinead O'Connor's version of "The Foggy Dew" stops me in my tracks every time. Good luck and goodbye Paddy, I'll see you further on up the road.
  2. My brother bought that on cassette when it came out in the 80's. "The Return Of Bruno" is a fun record from what I remember. We certainly enjoyed it in any case. I may be wrong but I think Bruce was best known for "Moonlighting" at the time. What year did "Die Hard" come out? I don't know.
  3. From Keith's Instagram. What a perfect tribute.
  4. Charlie's passing hit me harder than expected. The news came as a complete surprise. I knew he was sick but not to this extent. Above is my view of the band in MetLife Stadium, summer of 2019. Like @dmway said I'm glad that I went to see them that tour. Both Charlie and Ronnie were the stand out musicians that night.
  5. Mine is a very snug fit and the bottom doesn't fully cover my chin, so I'm guessing that these are children's size. I'm a regular person btw, I assure you that I'm not a fairytale giant.
  6. Really hope the powers that be finally listened to our German friends and changed the way they fill out the customs form.
  7. All the songs should have been made available for download months ago. Absolutely no excuse.
  8. August is upon us brothers and sisters. It's that special time of year again - B.P.A.M* is finally here. Hopefully we can all act civilized this time and there won't be a repeat of previous year's unpleasantness.

    *(Brad Pitt Awareness Month).

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    2. Manohlive


      What about The Mexican?  😬

    3. CorkVegan


      The focus this year will be on his work in "True Romance."

    4. Manohlive


      Anne Rice be damned!  

  9. "You glorify the pastWhen the future dries up." -God Part II. A disc of brand new remixes is pretty much a given.
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