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    New Year's Day... the band's message of connection.
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    Cork 1987.
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    Newark 2018.
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    The next one.
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    The rhythm section are underrated.
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    Primal Scream. Stone Roses.

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  1. Wiggle your ears.

  2. I'd love to go out and see this in 3D.
  3. Very nice looking set. 👍 Just please release it all at once for download. The "two songs now, two songs later" routine is unnecessary BS.
  4. Don't forget that 2021 is the 40th anniversary of October. A 2022 tour to commemorate the original tour in 1982 would fit too. Right now the band are probably trying to convince Larry to recreate his hairstyle from that era. You heard it here first.
  5. I bought a copy of the original twin 7" release in great condition recently, but this looks sweet too. Picking this up for sure. 👍
  6. Feel grateful that no matter what today brings I probably won't have to fight an angry octopus.
  7. Just got a phone call from work and they are scheduling vaccinations for the staff. I'm getting the J&J shot next Thursday. Unless the boss is pulling an outrageous April Fool's prank that is. 🤔
  8. In the last twelve months Bono's lyrics have taken on a new meaning and have punched me right in the heart.
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