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  1. @illumination70 *hugs* Condolences on your loss. 18 is a very good age for a cat. Clearly you gave her a lovely happy life. I've just had an email from a presenter on my local BBC radio station - he's organising a radio programme dedicated to the issue of fake news/debunking virus conspiracy theories, educating people on the dangers of them etc - and has asked me to take part. Hopefully, this will help stop people falling down the same rabbit-hole that my sister's got herself into. It also shows why I really appreciate the local BBC stations. I can't imagine the commercial st
  2. @CorkVegan That is a brilliant thing, to get to see a live band in the current climate. I also like their sign. "Turn off your phones and dance". More people should follow that advice
  3. It started off as a bad thing, but I'm turning it into a good thing and doing my bit to fight fake news My sister (who is admittedly annoyingly gullible about these things) posted some nonsense on FB overnight, a copied and pasted rant about Covid rules and how it's all nonsense (to put it politely - the actual post used a ruder word). It has several false claims in it, dressed up as "YOLO good vibes" fluffiness and written by people who do not understand the fact that stopping transmission of the virus is the best way to get back to the normal life they're on about. So I've repor
  4. 45, 570 - Small round number. No-one has counted in here for ages
  5. I was able to go to my favourite coffee shop for the first time since lockdown started. They take safety measures as much as possible with the food, wrapping up the giant cookies to minimise the amount of people who have to handle them directly between baking and being eaten by the customer. The staff are always really nice in there and they do gluten-free muffins that my Dad can eat too Then I bought 5 packs of F1 trading cards and pulled the gold Limited Edition card of my favourite driver
  6. I got to be on local radio - for being a U2 fan Each day, the lunchtime host does a section on "Shropshire's Most Wanted" where he tries to find people who fit three categories or criteria. One of today's criteria was trying to find "Someone who has seen U2 live". I wasn't actually listening to the radio at the time, but I saw the post on their social media and rang up. I was put through and got to talk live on air about the 3 concerts I've been to - one of which, London 1 in 2015 involved me taking the radio station's knitted gnome mascot along with me - and he still has the badge. One
  7. I received the latest addition to my Star Wars sketch collection in today's post. Another Poe for my focus collection 😍 I'd love to be able post a picture on here, but the file size limit isn't big enough without going through the kerfuffle of resizing it.
  8. Now Bill and Ted will never get Eddie Van Halen on guitar (Is it bad that that scene from Excellent Adventure is one of the first things I associate with him?) I was up late last night watching Rafa Nadal's French Open match and the commentator broke the news during the match. Which was a bit weird and I couldn't believe it then. Still struggling to compute it now. He inspired so many people to pick up a guitar and learn to play. If cancer was a visible, physical being, I'd want to punch it in the face right now. And not just over EVH. We lost a member of our family to cancer
  9. I've just signed up for the Secret Santa that we're running in the Star Wars card trading group over on FB. I like to take part in things like this - like the Christmas Exchange that we have here in the Zoo. I enjoy that aspect of connecting with people through shared interests. And given how this year has gone so far, it's nice to be involved with something fun. Let's just hope we can get out to buy the gifts once our swap partners are assigned
  10. 45, 569 - We're still not sure what he's had, but it could be something like that. He didn't manage to eat anything for about 3 days, but he's a lot better now. And I haven't caught it
  11. 45, 566 - Adding another number. It's not been a good weekend - my dad is not well and I don't know why. He was sick yesterday, so I told him to stay home today and ring the doctor - but he ignored me, went out anyway and was sick in the middle of the shop he volunteers at And he's been sick again this evening. I just hope whatever he's got isn't contagious
  12. I received a lovely new addition to my Star Wars art collection this morning. Topps are doing limited edition, A3-size prints of the artwork used for the cards in the Star Wars Living Set and I ordered one of my favourite character Poe Dameron. It arrived today 😍 I'm relieved it arrived as it's taken over a month since I ordered it - and subsequent Living Set prints have had issues with bots buying them up before genuine fans can get them. But I have my Poe. Just need to find him a a frame. Also, I went out to one of the larger local libraries today and found 9 books to borrow. The 9
  13. 45, 565 - This one seems like an interesting number
  14. Given what I've read on social media from people who follow these things, I think they already are trying to do so Typically insensitive and uncaring from Dump. I mean, at least allow for her funeral to have taken place first! And given how close America is to another election, surely it would make sense to see who gets in and let the next president appoint the successor. But, as we all know, Dump is not sensible. You just know he's itching to appoint some lackey who'll probably be controlled by the Christian fundamentalists. And that doesn't bear thinking about even from my side of the pond.
  15. I didn't get to post it on Wednesday night, but I went to see the new Bill and Ted film on the first day of it's UK release. It's always a little nerve-wracking when they make belated sequels, but in this case, they've got the original writers on board and of course the same two lead actors (as well as several of the key supporting cast). And it's a brilliant film. Emotional at times, but also genuinely very funny. And well done to the casting department as they made spot-on picks to play Bill and Ted's daughters. Thoroughly enjoyed it and, while they obviously can't have predicted the cu
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