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  1. I watched that too! Always good to see (and hear) The Fly I've got nothing against Bryan Adams, but 16 weeks was more than long enough at the top of the charts with the same song
  2. I went to the cinema today for the first time in months and watched Dune. It is brilliant. Epic, but also detailed and you really connect with the characters. Having read the books, I was mentally ticking off certain details and aspects of the story, and it all feels like it's there. Or at least the first half of the book is, anyway, as this is only part 1. There was one young lady in our screening who giggled every time a character used Voice. And at several other moments that weren't really funny. I'm thinking she probably hasn't read the book, so may not understand some of the background context of scenes. Or she may possibly have been a bit tipsy. The cinema is licensed to serve alcohol, so I wouldn't rule it out.
  3. I had a day out today to a nearby town that I hadn't been to for well over 2 years. It's only about 15 miles down the road, but the landscape makes it feel like you've driven much further, with the hills and rural scenery. I borrowed 2 books from their library, bought 4 more at a lovely independent bookshop, had lunch, explored the town some more - including 2 small art shops/galleries - then went back and bought 2 more books from the bookshop. I was also able to add 2 more dictionaries to my language collection, as I found Czech and Hungarian dictionaries in a charity shop. It feels good to be able to have days out like that again, - and to be able to support the local shops, cafes etc in those towns as they're getting back to normal.
  4. I went to the library to look for a particular book - and came home with 5 books, including the one I'd been looking for The poetry one was part of their book sale, so I get to keep that one. My dad and I also had lunch in a lovely little cafe where we're almost becoming regulars. The really good part was that it's the sociable sort of cafe where you get talking to the staff and other people who come in, even though we'd never met the other customers before. It's been noticeable to me that people seem more friendly and happy to talk since lockdown ended. I think the experience of *not* being able to socialise for months has maybe made people more willing/keen to talk and have a laugh with each other. Certainly, it's been noticeable at the cafes we go to most frequently, that there are friendly atmospheres and you can get into a conversation with people even if you don't know them. And sometimes you end up helping someone. Today, we helped a lady who's new to the area by telling her about the short-cut to the car park, so that she could go and pay for more parking before her ticket ran out. She wasn't intending to stay so long at the cafe, but she was enjoying the chat so much that she decided to stay and have cake
  5. 46, 710 - Adding another number. It's a fairly sunny morning so far. Let's hope that continues.
  6. That is shocking that they tried to punish you for doing the right thing and standing up for the patients' well-being And that some of the people dishing out the mistreatment were effectively rewarded for it. I hope action was taken against that place. I'd hate to think the abuse was still going on. My good thing for today is that I received my second parcel of Star Wars cards in two days. Today's parcel included a costume swatch relic related to my favourite character
  7. 46, 708 - Cloudy weather here, but at least it's not raining The library was so quiet this morning that I read 200 pages of my current book.
  8. I picked up my copy of Dave Grohl's book at lunchtime The bookshop had just had the pre-orders delivered about 10 minutes before I got there, so it was still in the postal wrapper. It's very good so far - and so absorbing that I forgot to finish making my cup of tea I'm hoping the library will get a copy so that (if the categorising/numbering works out right) we can sit it next to the book by his mum.
  9. I hope you get one of those jobs! I found a beginner's keyboard book in a local charity shop. It cost me a HUGE..... 30p I'd originally gone out today hoping to find a similar book in one of the local libraries, but finding one to keep is even better.
  10. Yeah, you couldn't help but feel sorry for Lando. He'd been doing so well holding Lewis behind him, and I think if it had stayed dry, he probably would have won. And it is good seeing McLaren at the front again. I can remember the old red and white livery, that was a classic. Today's good thing: I managed to return my library books without any hassle. The trick is to try and avoid any roads near supermarkets that also have petrol stations
  11. 46, 706 - Sunday evening counting. F1 fans have been doing lots of counting today - Hamilton achieved his century of wins
  12. It's times like these that make me grateful I can walk to work Although if the situation doesn't improve this week, returning the library books I've borrowed from the neighbouring authority might get a bit tricky - especially if people are still clogging up roads around stations My good thing for today: getting to watch history being made in Formula 1 as Lewis Hamilton has become the first F1 driver to reach 100 Grand Prix victories. He already had the all-time record, but to reach a century... incredible. I can remember watching Michael Schumacher through his career and thinking that his record of 91 might never be beaten. Now I've seen every one of Lewis's wins so far - and he might yet pull clear on the number of world titles (he's currently equal with Schumacher on 7).
  13. That's far too advanced for my current skills And I don't have a strap to be able to wear my guitar while playing keyboard. Although it is a good goal to aim for
  14. I now have the keyboard. With guide letters, all properly secured on it's stand. And have spent a fun afternoon testing out all of the different sound effects and features. There's even an option for the keys to make helicopter sounds... Although the music shop is currently sold out of beginner's books, so I'll have to try again next week or see if the library has one.
  15. 46, 705 - It is getting dark noticeably earlier now. Thankfully it's not too cold yet.
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