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  1. Sure sign of Spring - Robins in the 'hood busy building nests somewhere.
  2. Listening to Lithium channel 34 this morning a favorite. Then Bono interrupts to tell listeners they're on the wrong channel go to U2 channel 32 ha ha!
  3. Working from home today watched U2 Experience + Innocence Live In Berlin DVD. Awesome performance! Hoping like heck to attend a concert like that aren't we all? Get tickets I'm gone.
  4. A day off today went hiking in the mountains. Watch out for that Cougar! 😟
  5. Spring Equinox today! 1st day of Spring! 🌞 🌜 ⭐ When it's springtime in the RockiesI'm coming back to youLittle sweetheart of the mountainsWith your bonnie eyes of blue...
  6. ^^^ Weather's been good around here lately, bad weather has to go somewhere. 😉 ******************************************* Dogs are cool. My Golden Retriever sure enriched my life.
  7. Got a hood protector installed on my new truck today. Helps to prevent rock damage. And looks pretty cool. Critically important stuff. 🙂
  8. Another beautiful late winter day here 60F/15C this afternoon. Went for a hike in the Elbow Valley. 🌞
  9. Beautiful day here for late winter 54F/11C this afternoon. Went for a ride after work. The scenery... 🏔️
  10. Short trip to the Kananaskis Valley this afternoon. Still quite wintry at higher elevations.
  11. Observed safely from a distance - cool. Getting too close threatening it to attack - not cool. Lamar Valley, Yellowstone National Park.
  12. 1st ride of the season. Way earlier than usual. Temperature this afternoon 48F/8C. 👍 🏍️ Have been around on this machine. East entrance Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming USA, June 2018.
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