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  1. CD players being phased out no longer provided in many new vehicles. Surprised to learn this when I purchased a new truck recently. CD's going obsolete in favor of USB devices and music streaming services thru smart phones. GM provides so-called infotainment system with Bluetooth connectivity including USB and USB-C ports. Options to consider for playing tunes in my new Silverado pickup. And no AUX-IN port provided. However SiriusXM home/vehicle kit can be played without AUX-IN by synchronizing satellite and truck radio FM frequencies.
  2. Winter scenes. Each season here has its own charm. ❄️
  3. Soundtrack to the scenery. 😎 I know the sun must set to rise...
  4. An outing in the nearby mountains today. Beautiful mid winter weather. 😎
  5. Interesting and alternative musical variety on U2 X-Radio. Never actually listened to any of Kanye West's tunes before. This 1 played recently. Powerful. One of the YouTube comments apparently "Bono wrote to Kanye about this performance." Note ~11M views!
  6. On the road again listening to U2 X-Radio channel 32. Liking the musical variety which makes driving all that more enjoyable. One Tree Hill is a great song which exemplifies the talent of guitar virtuoso The Edge. 😎
  7. "...the power of poetry.... is the ability to make ideas that have been known felt and said...." 😎 Amanda Gorman
  8. Inauguration recital of The Hill We Climb. πŸ’—
  9. Enjoying U2 X-Radio on the go. Magnificent!
  10. Coolest song Zooropa intro questions, got most of them (perfect setlist concert😎): What are you thinking about? Is conflict inevitable? What difference does it make? What sort of democracy for what sort of world? Why did you have to leave? How could I have been so stupid? Why does it always take so long? Why do you put up with me? How do I know what’s true? What the f_ _ _ ? When will I know if I’m a good father? What are you afraid of? Was it worth it? Where is my mind? Is history bound to repeat itself? Do you s
  11. New subscriber. Lots of great content here. Getting caught up on YouTube U2 concerts. Couple gems to mention (unfortunately 2nd one below no longer available?? πŸ€₯)
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