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    Nature, meditation, rock music, travelling, movies, energy healing medicine, systemic and family constellations, acupunture, Bach Flowers, nutrition.
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    If God will send his Angels
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    360 São Paulo
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    U2 EI Tour Madrid, Joshua Tree São Paulo, IE Tour London.
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    EI Tour Madrid (9/20/18)
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    All fantastic four
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  1. Thank you! It's not an easy disease. There were days when my legs were so weak that I could barely walk. I hope nobody here ever catches it!
  2. And we beat Spain!
  3. It must be the Delta variant. It has spread through the country. I usually wear 2 or 3 antiviral masks and a pair of glasses... Sometimes even a faceshield. Unbelievable!
  4. I tested positive for coronavirus even though I haven't taken my mask off when meeting someone. I know it's not good news, but the good side of it is that the fever is over and I don't have sore legs anymore.
  5. Brazil is going to face Mexico in the next soccer game!
  6. Today I finally received a few gifts @dmway had posted for my birthday. It includes Greta Van Fleet CDs, 4 books, 2 lovely cards and a few other things. Feeling glad.
  7. I got the first dose of Pfizer vaccine today! I feel so blessed!
  8. I'm sorry for your loss. I hope the band sees your post.
  9. I'm so glad that in some parts of the globe things are gradually reopening and getting back to normal. While in Brazil, we are about to get a third wave (according to cientists). Now, 6 months and a half is the estimate time for me to be vaccinated!
  10. Happy birthday to the man whose voice and lyrics changed the world! Wish you great health and love! Gratitude for all the good things you brought us! My life wouldn't be so fun without U2! Take care and stay safe! I really hope to see you in South America again!
  11. Brazil has a site that says the estimate date for the vaccine according to your age, job and possible risk factors. I took a look at it 4 days ago and it said I'm going to be vaccinated in 7 months and 22 days, which is, next year! 😬
  12. My professor Erik David, who had been teaching the world about quantum physics and the power of high vibrations, just died from coronavirus this morning. I will never forget the one who healed me from panic disorder. I am very grateful (and know that @dmway is also too) for the teachings to elevate our vibrations. Rest in peace.
  13. It would be WONDERFUL to see it again! I saw it twice in Dublin and then twice in Brazil. When I saw it in Dublin, I remember going to HQ Studio a few days later hoping to meet any of the the fantastic four. Then Bono came out to talk to the fans.... We got into a conversation and he asked me "Have you seen the 3D?" And I said: "Yes... It was amazing and I cried the whole movie". Knowing I was from Brazil, he said something like "Very funny when I said Argentina and everybody uuuuhhhh"... Ps: the boo was because of rivalry on soccer If anybody would like to see the video, it's here (I'm the one in red):
  14. I'm very glad for you! ps: Praying that Moderna or Pfizer vaccine make it to my country!
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