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    Climate, nature, meditation, rock music, travel, dogs and cats, movies, alternative medicine, energy healing, familiar constellations, acupunture, phytoenergy, herbs.
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    Songs of Experience
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    If God will send his Angels
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    360 São Paulo
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    U2 EI Tour Madrid, Joshua Tree São Paulo, IE Tour London.
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    EI Tour Madrid (9/20/18)
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    All fantastic four
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    Dream Theater, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Pearl Jam, Legião Urbana, Nenhum de Nós.

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  1. It's interesting that a lot of people think that Brazilians speak Spanish! 😆
  2. Humidity is 79% (finally it's under 80% ... there were days when it was 98% this week ), but unfortunately it's still cold (yes, it can be cold in Southern Brazil). I thought I was going to become a frog! I miss the dryness of LV.
  3. Poor language teachers! They are heading towards extinction.
  4. Congratulations! Thank you for studying my native language!
  5. 2 years ago, I was traveling from Brazil to Madrid to see the EI Tour there!

    1. dmway


      A great occasion for multiple reasons! 😎


  6. Unicorns just proved to be amazing!
  7. I wish I could go to the hairdresser's soon. The situation in Brazil is very scary right now.
  8. I'd like to go to my chiropractor's too. Last time I went was beginning of last month (as you know, it's something I need very often). The virus has reached 10% of the town population. I can't leave home even for that.
  9. Working from home because of the pandemic is not that bad at all, especially on a cloudy and cold day like today.
  10. I'm glad you don't have coronavirus. Something like that happened to me in April. It's scary.
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