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    Climate change, meditation, rock music, travel, dogs, movies, alternative medicine, energy healing, familiar constellations, acupunture.
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    Songs of Experience
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    If god will send his angels
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    360 São Paulo
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    U2 EI Tour Madrid, Joshua Tree São Paulo, IE Tour London.
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    EI Tour Madrid (9/20/18)
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    All fantastic four
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    Dream Theater, Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Pearl Jam, Legião Urbana, Nenhum de Nós.

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  1. Prayers for both of our countries (and nothing but shame for our very underwhelming national leaders).

    🇺🇸 ❤️♾️ 🇧🇷

    1. andryu2


      Yes, difficult times. God bless us!

       I just hope this global moment of transformation will bring more awareness to people.

      We need to elect more conscious leaders!

    2. dmway


      That is my hope too.

      We will do our part in November and do our best to endure the craziness until then. May we all remain safe and well! 🍀🍀🍀


    3. andryu2
  2. Happy Birthday, Bono! Thank you for being such an admirable person! Thank you for making so great a difference in our world! Thank you for taking action to fight against injustice. Thank you for writing songs that inspire our lives. You always say that we give you a great life; but U2 gives us one too! Greetings from Brazil! Here's a picture taken in March of 2008 (12 years ago) in Dublin:
  3. That story made me cry (I'm a very good cryer as you already know). Thank you for posting it.
  4. Welcome, Raíssa. I'm from Brazil too! My name is Andrielly and I started posting on zootopia in October, 2018.
  5. "Future needs a big kiss."

    1. dmway


      Yes, it does. May the kisses keep coming...


  6. "Now you're at the other end of the telescope.
    Seven billion stars in his eyes
    So many stars, so many ways of seeing
    And this is no time not to be alive."
    Dedicated to my boyfriend who lives at the other end of the telescope.
    "Sing your love, be known! LET YOUR LOVE BE KNOWN!"
    1. dmway


      He is a very lucky man. 🤗❤️

      "Let your love be known" is always good advice - we will always practice that wisdom. ❤️❤️

      Thank you, baby. 😊


  7. U2.com has announced the 2020 subscription offer, and part of us, Brazilians, haven't received the 2019 gift yet! And even worse: the 2018 gift I got was damaged. I wrote a message to Live Nation; they said they were going to send me a new one, but nothing has arrived. Disappointing!
  8. Happy Birthday to the first manager of U2! 

    1. dmway


      His leadership skills allowed the band to thrive in its earliest days. 😊

  9. Thank you for having done all the planning for the trip (I only came with the idea). Thank you for driving all the way from LA to Las Vegas, then all the way from LV to Death Valley and then all the way from DV to LA. Special thanks to the most wonderful band in the world (Do I need to say which?). If it weren't for you, both of us would have never met. 😊
  10. Here is another angle of the rooftop:
  11. Hi. I guess I didn't answer your question properly, but I think I have already told you how "I managed to run into Bono by The Wall". 😆
  12. Anybody from Brazil who is planning on going to Australia or New Zealand to see the concerts? Or am I the only crazy person who wants to travel far far away to see them? 😳
  13. Yep, me too. My eyes are full of tears! My heart is beating so strongly that I almost needed medicine today to slow it down. :)
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