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  1. Yes, we have a (not so) good medical system. It's for everybody and you don't need to pay anything for it, which is great! Part of the population prefers to pay for health care (like me), but it's optional.The vaccines offered here are Sinovac and Aztrazeneca (so far) and it's still in the elderly group. Since we have a large population of young and middle aged people, it's not gonna happen that soon .... I hope I will get it asap, but I don't think it will happen before September.
  2. Since I've had more free time because of the pandemic (I've been working at home since March 2020 and have not been able to meet people), I have spent my free time studying things I've always wanted. I'm graduated in one area, work in another, and interested in a third one! 😆 Now, I've been able to use my time to dedicate to the study of the third one: Systemic Constellations, Quantum therapy and Floral therapy. I finally found myself!
  3. I've been studying quantum therapy for the recent weks and today I had a big proof that it works. I'm amazed by it!
  4. Lucky you. I guess I'll be vaccinated by the end of the year!
  5. Ten years ago, I saw U2 360º Tour in São Paulo.

    1. dmway


      I bet it was a great show! 😎


    2. andryu2
    3. seresere


      Great memories for me too from this tour!! ^_^

  6. andryu2

    Pandemic & U2

    While the world is recovering from the pandemic, in Brazil it's still time to wear my U2 masks that I got from @dmway.
  7. That's the one I would like to get. One dose and you are protected!
  8. "I can't believe the news today. I can't close my eyes and make it go away". Very appropriate for these days!
  9. My parents, my brother and my sister got the first dose of Covid vaccine already! I'm waiting for mine now, which I think will be happening by the end of year, considering the incompetence of our president in dealing with the pandemic.
  10. I have a dream that one day I'll be at a concert again and we will not be worried about catching a virus.
  11. Wow! What a concert! I felt like having a spiritual experience! Bono was especially enthusiastic on that concert! Walk on is the perfect closer for this tour!
  12. Happy birthday, Adam! I can't wait to see you all 4! Be safe!
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