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  1. And John Lennon too!
  2. Pshe She is in peace and looking for us!
  3. Since I'm working at home, I think I will be able to watch it!
    1. dmway


      This was sad. Fortunately, I think we will help things by collectively getting rid of our “Racist-In-Chief” in three weeks.

      Reading this story did make me admire our Lt. Governor even more. I hope he runs for Governor or Senator in 2022.


    2. dmway
    3. andryu2


      Well done!

  4. I absolutely love your masks! You have the white version of my black "ATYCLB" one!
  5. I guess your friend still regrets having listened to his dad!
  6. "Bad things happen in Philadelphia"... Yes, the parking lots are too expensive.

    1. dmway


      Very good! 😄

      I guess we should let people know what we're talking about in case they didn't see President Trump's "memorable" performance last night...



    2. Manohlive


      Thank you!!!!!!! 

    3. Manohlive


      He needs a good dose of Seroquel. 

  7. It's interesting that a lot of people think that Brazilians speak Spanish! 😆
  8. Humidity is 79% (finally it's under 80% ... there were days when it was 98% this week ), but unfortunately it's still cold (yes, it can be cold in Southern Brazil). I thought I was going to become a frog! I miss the dryness of LV.
  9. Poor language teachers! They are heading towards extinction.
  10. Congratulations! Thank you for studying my native language!
  11. 2 years ago, I was traveling from Brazil to Madrid to see the EI Tour there!

    1. dmway


      A great occasion for multiple reasons! 😎


  12. Unicorns just proved to be amazing!
  13. I wish I could go to the hairdresser's soon. The situation in Brazil is very scary right now.
  14. I'd like to go to my chiropractor's too. Last time I went was beginning of last month (as you know, it's something I need very often). The virus has reached 10% of the town population. I can't leave home even for that.
  15. Working from home because of the pandemic is not that bad at all, especially on a cloudy and cold day like today.
  16. I'm glad you don't have coronavirus. Something like that happened to me in April. It's scary.
  17. August is fine, but September and onward will be immensely lucky!
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