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  1. Achtung Baby! 💛 :AB:


    29 today?!

    1. dmway


      Still my favorite! 😎


    2. seresere


      One of my fav, for sure!! ^_^

  2. By the way, Symbols Face Masks ordered in the U2 Shop!
  3. Today's not Halloween - Today is Larry's Birthday! Happy B-Day, Larry!!
  4. I've received mails from U2.com! The first since... 10 years? Hello hello everyone!!
  5. :Boy: Boy is 40. The right boy for me! :D

  6. And Saturday, the following day, is Larry's Birthday! I hope I can join
  7. 2 years ago today I was in Milan for my "U2 week"! Great memories :ei_Random_05:


  8. Nice photo :) - the doggie! :Zoo_Dog:

  9. Happy #U244!! :)


    1. pain_18_


      OH !!!!!!

  10. Looking at this picture and... imagine the chemistry in that room! I am younger than the band (I discovered U2 in the late 90s during the Pop Era when I was a teenager) and I am still impressed. More than a rock band!! 💛 Happy 44!!
  11. The heart is a bloom... Ohh, nice!! Great initiative from U2, YouTube, ecc. I really enjoy it!
  12. 10 years ago today, the second (very rainy) night in Zurich... The coolest gig of my life!! :Crazy_Tonight:


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