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  1. Probably now you'll think that I am crazy XD but I was thinking about Bono... he reminds me a sort of Peter Pan (in a good way thinking about the character ) ... a rock 'n' roll Peter Pan! [And I like it!] I hope you're doing well everybody, good evening/day!
  2. Thank you for being Bono. Happy B-Day!! :HMTMKMKM_Bono_02:

  3. Happy B-Day!! :ZOO_MacPhisto_03:


  4. "The showman gives you front row to his heart..." - he really does. I am speechless in front of you. Here's my heart for you. ❤️ Simply... Thank you for being Bono. Happy Birthday! Here's a pair of pictures I took in Zurich in 2010 from the front row, the second (very rainy) night.
  5. I was in Turin, second night, for this tour. Iris... I cried (a lot) during this song, from start to end... 2 years ago today the first date of the e+i tour... Good evening/morning, everyone!
  6. 2 years ago today... e+i Tour & MacPhisto's comeback... *_*

  7. Today in U2's official Instagram :)


    1. pain_18_


        *POP* !!!!!

    2. seresere


      ... happy to go blind...

  8. Happy Easter, everyone!! :)

  9. Moment Of Surrender... It's already Sunday here, Happy Easter, everyone!
  10. The front row of the catwalk - I was there in Turin (2010) - was a nice place too!
  11. Front row in the (second) rainy night in Zurich! I was in Milan for both nights in 2009 too and then Turin and Rome the following year. Rose Bowl on YouTube. Great memories
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