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  1. It's difficult to find the words to describe it but it's history for my country! Beautiful scenes, I like the Olympic spirit that I've seen today.
  2. To see that frame of Wild Horses video here in the Front Page of Zootopia is... I can't 🤩 😍 🤩

  3. Wild Horses is... OMG 😍 Dici che il fiume Trova la via al mare
  4. I am so sorry for him... and for you, really. I don't know what to say, honestly... 😳
  5. 12 years ago today, U2 live in Milan for 2 nights! Nice memories :)


    1. dmway


      Ahhh…U2 in concert - the perfect recipe for the very best of memories! 😎


    2. seresere


      Missing too much these days...

    3. dmway


      Better days are coming…hang in there.


  6. From the album: seresere

    U2 live in Milan for the second night... nice memories
  7. From the album: seresere

    U2 live on stage for the second night in Milan. No Line On The Horizon, I guess...?
  8. From the album: seresere

    12 years ago The Claw in San Siro, for the second night in Milan.
  9. From the album: seresere

    12 years ago today, U2 live in Milan!
  10. From the album: seresere

    12 years ago The Claw in San Siro, for the first night in Milan. I am still impressed!
  11. I am watching Wimbledon and... I am fan of Matteo Berrettini I've to say. I like him. Feelin' a cheerleader right now XD OMG lol Back on topic, Unexpected final for Italy. I agree with you.
  12. Happy B-Day, Zooropa!! :Zooropa:

    1. dmway


      An interesting follow-up to AB - an essential part of the ZooTV universe! 😎



  13. ... and I like it! Seriously, I've listen a few songs on YouTube and I like the sound. I agree with you. Interesting post, especially the part about MacPhisto. Pride was great during eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE Tour and Summer of Love + Pride is one of the best transitions, IMHO! Back on topic I've received a newsletter from Hot Press, there are a few links on the net: https://www.hotpress.com/music/inhaler-star-on-the-cover-of-the-new-hot-press-22859524 https://www.hotpress.com/music/album-review-inhaler-it-wont-always-be-like-this-22859606
  14. seresere

    My Fire

    From the album: seresere

    Record Store Day yesterday (12-6-2021) I got my copy in the centre of Florence!
  15. https://www.u2.com/news/title/tonight-is-gonna-be-the-one/ I am curious about it U2 in Rome, great memories... 💚
  16. After seeing this... I am a sinner now! XD
  17. Interesting post Especially thank you for this part.
  18. U2 live at the Rose Bowl broadcast on a local TV channel here in Tuscany tonight... :360_Rose_Bowl:Nice evening!

    1. seresere


      Watching again... lol


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