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  1. 'We Are the People'... Nice video And yes, they're the people I've been waitin' for... It's great to see them again!
  2. Happy B-Day, Bono!! ❤️


  3. Happy B-Day, Mr. MacPhisto!


    1. dmway


      A very nice sketch! A very fitting birthday tribute! 👍


    2. seresere


      Oh, really?! Thank you very much!! ^_^

  4. From the album: seresere

    A simple, digital sketch to celebrate Mr. MacPhisto. Happy B-Day!
  5. Thank you for sharing this because I haven't received that mail! (I got the e-mails of The Virtual Road... weird...) Lucky you if you got the other tracks too!! I missed the first three but there's Wild Horses at least...!
  6. I've taken this photo with my mobile... I am so happy you like it!!
  7. Me too!! I've seen it 10 years ago...
  8. seresere

    U23D souvenir

    From the album: seresere

    My souvenir from U23D movie. 10 years ago, according the ticket. I went to see it near my city... nice evening. I still got the glasses! XD
  9. Maybe I know what you mean... I agree! Well done, U2. ❤️ Waitin' for the first download-drop!
  10. Someone told me about a great One of the first night in Turin during this tour. Unfortunately I missed it. I went the day after for the second night. Zucchero AKA Sugar Fornaciari was U2's guest that evening. A few months later Bono wrote a song for him, S.O.S., "Streets of Surrender," apparently inspired by Paris.
  11. Hola! And... bonsoir! I am in the middle of the dinner... so I'll watch it ASAP... Have a good time!! Thanks @Madfl3a for sharing your memories
  12. Happy Easter!! 💛

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    2. dmway


      Happy Easter! (belatedly) 🐰🐣🐇


    3. Manohlive


      Bugs says don't fret, he always takes wrong turns as Albequerkay.     🤓   

      Happy Easter to you as well, dmway.

    4. u22009


      Happy Easter to you too!

  13. I love your new avatar :MacPhisto_03: interesting!! :MacPhisto_02:

  14. Watching - again - tonight... ... "psychedelic" (in a good way) So 90s! I was a teenager when I discovered U2 during the Pop Era. After more than 20 years I am still impressed.
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