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    I change my mind almost daily...
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    WGRYW Horses, One, Streets,Bk of Y Heart, Stay, Acrobat...
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    1992 Meadowlands or was it Hartford?!
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    MSG 6/25/18
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    All were the best
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    They come & go, but U2 stays

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  1. Does that make 11pm the viewing time in NY???
  2. She was 87. May she Rest In Peace.
  3. Thanks to the very cool Darkside Records store, I have a piece of amazing U2 history that lives on & on ♥️♥️♥️♥️
  4. Yes-wonderful to see other musicians on stage! Loved that!!♥️
  5. Capturing these shows on video must be extremely difficult because of the lighting- it’s all fantastic but probably a photographers nightmare!
  6. Milano looks like a spectacular show! Thanks for pointing out all these terrific videos!! Enjoyed this so much!!💓💓💕
  7. I “hearted” too much today already & can’t send any more reactions!!!😂😅😍
  8. The whole Bono “gesturing to the crowd, “ from our pt of view, is totally incomprehensible!!! I wonder if ANYone cd figure out what he wanted!!!!😅
  9. This is a bit frustrating on a touchy iPad!!! ’hard to sync with anyone!!
  10. It’s awesome that the Only person I can imagine singing these songs Is Bono
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