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  1. That was FAST! Thanks guys, hope you enjoy. We might do that again in the future. Like a certain band that keep saying they're available for bar mitzvah and weddings... (never showed up when I called them but meh.) Tyler and I are specialist in anniversaries though so.. Keep an eye out next time Take care y'all, and hope you had a good U2 weekend ! Don't forget that Welcome To The Northside is determined to throw us a party even if they're close because eh lockdown - and have a few streamings planned tonight !
  2. Seriously I don't get it but I like it. I'm a big fan of nonsense
  3. Alright. I'll try that. I'm not sure I have much other choices 😛
  4. Do you give Bongolese classes ? Because seriously I ... 🤷‍♀️
  5. Max, I need some guidance because I have no idea what's going on in that song.
  6. Eh! You never age when you're a U2 fan. You just become more experienced
  7. Stuff that happens on 4th of July are usually the stuff of direct messages 😛
  8. Oh they can whine away, I think i'm getting sweaty ears - can't ear a thing 😇
  9. Ok little confessing... I knew I wasn't gonna make it to the U2gether of R&H on twitter yesterday - so I suggested we used this version of Bad.... I'm an evil mastermind when it comes to suspenders.
  10. Of 4th of July of course ! I mean that song is basically the sound drugs make when entering one's system 🤣
  11. This album is a complete trip seriously. It's a high. Gosh... I need a smoke now.
  12. You know how I feel about that song but I love that version - and no, it's not all Bono 360 magic 😛
  13. I want to see Adam slap some tunes before I die seriously. Life goal.
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