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    Paris '10 - 360 Tour
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  1. (eh. Whoever. Thanks for preserving the capillary reputation of our beloved frontman 😝)
  2. Never knew that! Omg that's hilarious (not for everyone I guess but still 🤣) - U2 fans at their best !
  3. Dear whoever might fix this, Please don't let the world believe that Bono still had a mullet in 2001 😭 Many thanks. Me.
  4. So very excited about this one - so much I voluntarily took a few weeks to cool off before replying to this or it would prob have looked like incoherent caps locking craziness. So.... THANK YOU ! 💜💥
  5. 😳😳 Wow. I think I've never seen that. Thanks for posting !
  6. I am SO happy about this one ! The only versions online were so low res it made my eyes bleed. Plus, eh, Christmas vibes on ! 😁
  7. Right?! I can't wait to see what is next!
  8. Hey Zootopians! I made a little U2 Advent Calendar on my blog - nothing fancy, just a little fun and giggles! Starts tomorrow if you wanna have a look 😜

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