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  1. Yup, kinda agree with you Max. Music and movie are not experienced the same way (well at least imo). In other news, I've just shuffled through the 360 Ultraviolet vid and i'm getting a tad bit excited
  2. There will be a good amount of misty eyes from my part for that show. 360 was the first tour I managed to attend after about a decade of waiting....
  3. OMG 😅. Very good point. (and I really need some sleep). Thanks!
  4. Feeling like you want out of this planet lately? Well, we have the perfect show for that! Board our favourite spaceship at 9PM (UK) this Saturday. Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride. Direct flight to Cloud 9!
  5. Not linear thats for sure, but he needs to try to throw a party in different time zones and then he can call time irrelevant 🤣
  6. Yes exactly! Add to that that some countries did not had their clocks move forward this year - it was a mess lol. I've been talking about it on twitter and 9pm UK - so the "original" time (not using that GMT ever again 😅) seems more convenient for a lot of people. I'll let ya know which one we go for tomorrow night along with which show i picked for next party 😉
  7. I felt soooo bad that you got up one hour sooner for nothing man! Sleep is sacred. I'm asking especially to avoid causing that again 😅
  8. Hi all, Trying to organize our next party. In terms of time, what's more convenient for you ? Do we stick to 9PM GMT or should we get back to the previous one which now would be 9PM London time ? Let me know what works best ! https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html
  9. Thank you all for joining in ! An idea is just an idea, it's you all that makes it a reality. So very grateful for that epic night of rock n roll. Stay safe y'all, we have more shows to cry and bounce to !
  10. I will never forget the last Dublin show for IE... we sang and cried for so so long...
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