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    Music, Street art, Photography, Travel, Books, New technology.
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    Every Breaking Wave
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    Paris '10 - 360 Tour
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    Lisbon 1 - e+i Tour
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    Dublin 3 - i+e Tour
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    The very tall one.
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  1. Yup. Fun shirts. I like fun stuff. I'd def wear those 😝
  2. Because they look amazeballs? 😶 (the shirts) (the rockstars too that being said)
  3. Happy 45th you beautiful people ! And to us fans too eh 😝
  4. Happy 45th young lads! 

    See you sometime down the road. Much love x

  5. I want the band's popmart shirts and I'll keep whining about that til the day I die.
  6. I'm usually the same every year, but I just bought a new fav so it will be the perfect occasion
  7. Haaaa I always love this ! And for once, I know exactyl which one I'm wearing
  8. But Larry get away from the mermaid and the deer and... Oh great. Gotta go read Ulysses again now...
  9. No more seriously, I did wonder and found this... 'In Celtic tradition there were two aspects of the deer: the feminine element, called Eilid in Gaelic, the female red deer, symbolizing femininity, gentles and grace. It was believed that the deer called to men from the kingdom of the fairies to free them from the trappings of the earthly world and taking them to the world of magic. Deer often turned into women in such legends in order to avoid being hunted. ' Which would be a bit weird with the whole mermaid symbolism. Or do woman trap men but that's how they free them too? ... I should probably shut up now.
  10. EXPECTO PATRONUUUUM Wait... Wrong timeline sorry.
  11. And Thanks Larry, for always reflecting my mood.
  12. As the heat. Those remasters are certainly not helping the global warming issue honestly.
  13. Well.. It's been a good remaster week! Phew. PHEW.
  14. I was told to send a rescue team in case @mich40 didn't answer after this one premiered but I think it would be a lot safer to send it right now.
  15. Portugal tax price : 5.01€ For those of you in Portugal, I strongly advise that you go put your tracking number on the portal de desalfandegamento to see if customs has it. If any infos comes up when you add it, it means it's stuck there. Friendly advice, DO NOT WAIT for the stupid letter/text from the CTT informing you that you have to pay for it, just do it right away. They messed up big time with me recently and only informed me they had my signed inhaler vinyl when it was already too late to pay for it, and they returned it back to sender - and when it's gone, it's gone. Nothing you can do about it. Anyways.... U2 at Apollo finally on its way so yaaaaaaaaay
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