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  1. OK...I saw someone post about this somewhere, sorry if I didn't pay attention, but I resubscribed to get the whole Verified process going, and before I resubscribed, I had successfully "redeemed" my gift (the four albums). Now, I am looking today, and it says I did not redeem for the albums. Do I have to redeem to get those in December? Leave it alone so I get the yet-to-be announced 2018 gift? Here is what my account says now....
  2. And finally the studio (HQ?) video we've been waiting for and the official announcement... .Looks like Edge caught fire and has exploded !!!! Red guitar...on fire...
  3. Itching for a U2 moment...

  4. Need a summer of U2!

  5. like a beer keg, but with wine
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