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  1. OK...I saw someone post about this somewhere, sorry if I didn't pay attention, but I resubscribed to get the whole Verified process going, and before I resubscribed, I had successfully "redeemed" my gift (the four albums). Now, I am looking today, and it says I did not redeem for the albums. Do I have to redeem to get those in December? Leave it alone so I get the yet-to-be announced 2018 gift? Here is what my account says now....
  2. Thanks mods for all you do - hard being the messenger.
  3. This is what it looks like - I can get in for VIP
  4. Ok, I PMd Big Wave, talking to Mich40 Minneapolis, I can't get a GA, talked to TM told me allocated GA sale for today met....blah blah blah
  5. MODS - got a number for TM? This is ridiculous, I only want 1 freaking GA
  6. WTH - I am only getting VIP package options, won't let me in Red Hill with my Red Hill code for presale, Minneapolis, HELP!
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