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  1. Btw, here's a few of my pics from the show, as taken from the Red Zone.
  2. What would you consider the best spot to be in in this tour's Red Zone?

  3. Back from the show. First thoughts... OneRepublic. Surprisingly good opener. I knew very little about them but they won me over. They probably fared better than Lumineers. Maybe Mumford too. A better fit. Red Zone. First time in. I liked it and had a great view, but not sure it was worth the extra money. At least it was for a good cause. Setlist. We had Bad, not ASOH. But im fine with that. I love ASOH but wasn't loving the version they've been doing at other shows. Bad works better. Ending with Vertigo? I assumed they would come back and do I Will Follow or Little Things, so this was an anticlimatic finish for me, but whatever. Also, Edge's guitar troubles during Pride seemed to affect his mood for the remainder of the show. He seemed visibly angry. (Also had some trouble with the keyboard at the start of RTSS.) But enough of my nitpicking, everything else was wonderful.
  4. Live inside-the-stadium cam: https://weather.weatherbug.com/weather-camera/?cam=PROPL
  5. Currently, the overall day has a high chance of rain, but if you look at the hourly details, around 8-11pm, the chance of rain drops to 20%... so we'll see... Still lots of time... can't go by forecast yet.
  6. rlj1010

    Seats vs GA

    For an arena show, I'm perfectly fine with reserved seats in the lower level, near the stage... But for a stadium show... even the closest seats seem too far removed from the band, and I feel no connection. (But I also just don't have it in me to wait in line for 12 hours anymore.... so I split the difference and am doing Red Zone ga this tour.)
  7. You can't really trust the weather forecast this early out, especially in South Florida.... The forecast will change and change back again, and then again... The show is rain or shine... I'd prefer an indoor show, but I'll be happy no matter what.
  8. I'll bet Atlanta and New Orleans still get announced, in a separate later announcement... just not today.
  9. According to atu2, there's 9 new US dates plus some South American dates: September 3 - Detroit at Ford Field September 5 - Buffalo at New Era Field September 8 - Minneapolis at US Bank Stadium September 10 - Indianapolis at Lucas Oil Stadium September 12 - Kansas City at Arrowhead Stadium September 14 - New Orleans at Mercedes Benz Superdome September 16 - St. Louis at Dome at America's Center September 18 - Atlanta at Georgia State Stadium September 22 - San Diego at Qualcomm Stadium October 3 & 4 - Mexico City at TBD (either Foro Sol or Azteca) October 7 - Bogota, Colombia at Estadio El Campin October 10 & 11 - Buenos Aires, Argentina at La Plata October 14 - Santiago, Chile at Estadio Nacional October 19, 21 & 22 - Sao Paulo, Brazil at Morumbi Stadium * still unofficial at this time, but I'd put money on this list being 100% accurate.
  10. For this tour, they are doing the drawing beforehand and contacting the winners the day before the show... supposedly.
  11. I love Pop, but this tour is just not the place for that material. But Rattle And Hum songs would fit right in.
  12. I haven't gone to a show yet... mine's next week. But i've seen some pics of the merch stands from the first few shows, and indeed they had venue specific shirts just for that particular city. (i still have my Miami 1992 Zoo TV shirt.)
  13. Any chance you can post a picture of your view and maybe go back a couple rows and take a picture of THAT view too? Might be helpful to those with tickets to the 2nd show. thanks!
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