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  1. Btw, here's a few of my pics from the show, as taken from the Red Zone.
  2. What would you consider the best spot to be in in this tour's Red Zone?

  3. Back from the show. First thoughts... OneRepublic. Surprisingly good opener. I knew very little about them but they won me over. They probably fared better than Lumineers. Maybe Mumford too. A better fit. Red Zone. First time in. I liked it and had a great view, but not sure it was worth the extra money. At least it was for a good cause. Setlist. We had Bad, not ASOH. But im fine with that. I love ASOH but wasn't loving the version they've been doing at other shows. Bad works better. Ending with Vertigo? I assumed they would come back and do I Will Follo
  4. Live inside-the-stadium cam: https://weather.weatherbug.com/weather-camera/?cam=PROPL
  5. And/or you can see a rare showing of the U2 3D movie in Ft Lauderdale on June 9, 10, or 15. http://www.fliff.com/movies/u2-3d The Hard Rock thing sounds good too, but haven't seen the film in a few years....
  6. I think Kid Rock and Ted Nugent are both doing some shows this summer. I'm sure they'd be very happy to "unite instead of divide" JMLU2 and htdaab34 for hours and hours. Yeehaw!
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