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  1. Will look for this one too on D Day! 👌
  2. Missing my band! Where is everyone? 😛

    1. Madfl3a


      Pas laaaaaaaaaaaaaa 🤣

  3. Best gift, best show, thanks so much for realasing this one for us fans ❤️🙏
  4. The new video for the remix is so joyful and is what we needed after a year and a half of "pause" in our lives
  5. Lovin' Clay Colloway's look 😜

    1. Manohlive


      I love him.  Clay Calloway is one cool dude.

  6. Can't wait to receive this one! Such a magical night, forever in my memory 💕
  7. I hope you had a great birthday Larry 🍻 Best wishes from France for your 59th
  8. Ready for some serious fun Friday night/lockdown vibes
  9. Ready to get elevated :)

  10. Here in France, another tragedy happened on October 16th, with the assassination of a high school teacher, Samuel Paty, by a terrorist. The whole country was in shock, and the awful act on this respectful and free teacher led to a national tribute. The family of Samuel Paty chose one of his favourite songs for the tribute that happened at La Sorbonne, one of the most famous and prestigious College in France. The song is One, by U2. Please take 4:30 to watch the video of this very emotional tribute: https://www.huffingtonpost.fr/entry/hommage-national-a-samuel-paty-lentree-emouvante-du-cercueil-de-samuel-paty-sur-one-de-u2_fr_5f908439c5b61c185f468aef I hope U2 got to hear what happened, and apparently they did, as they just reposted our president's message on Instagram: We are One. I would like to thank my band who has been spreading love for over 40 years. Please keep doing so. We need to be united. Now more than ever. This is not a political post, this is just a message of love and respect.
  11. Nice new look for our Zoo :) Congrats

  12. It's the playlist I didn't know I needed. It's really great I love it!
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