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  1. Many thanks for the speedy response
  2. Hi - Do you need to create an account to take part in the post room chat? or will logging into your U2 account log you in automatically?
  3. The items are now available in the U2 Shop!
  4. Already appearing on Amazon and Edge will be talking about the release today on Jo Whileys show on BBC Radio 2 at 19:00.
  5. U2 ATYCLB boxset rumor release for Oct 2020 on U2songs.com

  6. Some new T-shir😃ts in the U2.com UK shop

  7. Thanks for the heads up. I'll probably still order but from the US store.
  8. Hi Would anyone know if the U2 X Radio t-shirt will be available to purchase from the U2 UK Store. It only appears to be available from the US store currently.
  9. Ahh! Will keep checking for more details😀
  10. Will U2 subscribers who live outside the US be able to access the monthly highlights show?
  11. Same issue here but and think thats the norm with Int Shipping on U2.com orders. Always received my orders so not too worried
  12. Some event day Tshirts are now appearing in the U2 Shop i.e. Mumbai and Tokyo but nothing for Seoul.
  13. That's true but the Klaxon city specific shirts for a number of the dates from the last tour did show up in the store following its conclusion.
  14. Some of these shirts may show up in the U2 store following the end of the tour. That's what happened following the end of the previous tour.
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