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  1. U2SONGS.com is reporting a rumored AB30 release in November with further details expected during August/

    1. seresere


      I don't know but I'd love something to celebrate AB!! :AB:

  2. I am looking forward to hearing the song again before being stressed out watching the England V Germany game at 17:00!
  3. Liking it even more now, very uplifting and appears to be going down well in the Footie environment.
  4. Number 1 in the UK Vinyl single charts!
  5. RE: The 4k stream of E&I Berlin i renewed my subscription before it expired and the stream still appears in my profile. I am hoping that reads across to all members who have chosen to do the same.
  6. Hopefully this is just a taster of might come in the future i.e. A ZOO TV 2.0 maybe!
  7. Will defo be tuning in to watch these and hoping they will also release further concerts including some which have not been released.
  8. The Desire Hollywood Remix video is the next one up later today.
  9. Entirely agree. Fingers crossed we do get something from the ZOO TV Indoor leg from 92 this year on top of the subscribers gift and that they don't just offer another live stream of the Sydney show or similar which has already been released.
  10. Still trying to work out whether that is Tiffany (the singer) in the crowd of fans below!
  11. Same here in the UK its a mess with Covid and Brexit which is leading to lengthy delays at the Border. Maybe the pepole that run the U2.COM shop could put a note on the landing page of it which clearly states that dispatch/delivery is taking much longer than usual because of .....
  12. If it helps I used BSI Live chat to sort out my ATYCLB order and as result my order was eventually delivered. The Live Chat option only appears to be live and properly working i.e. where you get to live chat with an actual agent from around 12:00-17:00 UK GMT. Hope this helps.
  13. I received my order last month in full after placing it on 30 October and that was after countless comms with BSI Merch in the UK. Upon receipt of the goods I returned 3 of the t-shirts as they were pretty poor quality compared to what you receive from the US store and at U2 Concerts.
  14. Many thanks for the speedy response
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