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  1. Some event day Tshirts are now appearing in the U2 Shop i.e. Mumbai and Tokyo but nothing for Seoul.
  2. That's true but the Klaxon city specific shirts for a number of the dates from the last tour did show up in the store following its conclusion.
  3. Some of these shirts may show up in the U2 store following the end of the tour. That's what happened following the end of the previous tour.
  4. Arrived this morning. Very cold and as room was not ready I decided to try and take the metro from seou lstation to Guil on line 1. Worth noting that line 1 has different branches so not all of the metro trains go through Guil as I found out today and gave up because it was cold and I was tired after a 10 hour flight. There are direct trains with no changes but worth checking the timings of these via Google maps or similar etc.
  5. Just in case this is useful I had a response from the Yes 24 ticket people who confirmed that valid ID = passport for collecting your tickets together with a copy of your booking confirmation. After picking up your ticket ticket holders should queue up in the respective section line as shown on the venue map etc
  6. Flying in from London. Just a question about picking up reserved seat tickets. I assume we pick those up from the green ticket box ( which I assume is Will Call) marked up on the venue map and then queue up in the reserved seating (orange line). Hopefully more details will be posted on the Yes 24 site soon.
  7. Show looked amazing. Just seen some videos on YouTube. Did the screen malfunction during the second half of Exit? Everything appeared to go dark.
  8. Hi - Did a google translate on the website facility page but nothing showed up about cloakrooms. I expect the outside temp to range from -3c to +5c on the day so will probably wear a light jacket and layer up.
  9. Does this mean that all the tour dates are now announced barring a second show in Manila? I was hoping we might get some get some news either way on whether there will be a second show in South Korea?
  10. Pleased for the Philippines but I suspect Seoul 2 is probably not likely to happen.
  11. The U2 songs site is reporting that we might get an announcement on whether a second show will take place later this week. Finger crossed!
  12. Now down to 400 GA available. The slow trickle continues!
  13. Now down to 481 GA. Hopefully we will get some sort of announcement about any additional dates after the Japan general sale on 20 July.
  14. Maybe they are trying to reconfigure part of GA for night 2. Seems odd that they have not announced another night considering the concert is nearly sold out.
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