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  1. I’ll make a cuppa & raisin toast for everyone !
  2. The goal, is soul Remastered Beautiful Day video looks amazing on my TV...
  3. Oh no, RIP Eddie van Halen
  4. Ive a confession (don’t judge me πŸ˜‚)...I havent heard those two songs before...but they are excellent πŸ‘πŸ‘
  5. I’m from the future, so happy U2iversary !
  6. I was kinda joking, should have gone with the 😜 emoji
  7. Wait, you guys have opened yours ? And played them ? 😲
  8. Because I’m from the future, I managed to pick up a copy this morning from Hiss & Crackle Records in Wallsend about 15 minutes from home. They only had one ! My very favourite local store The Mosh Pit didn’t get any πŸ™ (Is it me, or do all record stores have funky & cool names ?)
  9. I guess its because this is the Vertigo Tour I got to experience live so many times 😊
  10. Tbh i prefer the Milan Vertigo DVD to the Chicago DVD.. 😱 Controversial, i know...
  11. That’s disappointing & a bit funny at the same time 😊 Ive had a look around the Seattle fan cam, we must have been out getting mercy (or at the bar, more likely πŸ˜‚)
  12. Most of it, fell asleep on the lounge (couch)...a common thing these days πŸ₯±
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