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  1. 46, 669 - I was waiting for someone else to count - didn't want to hog the thread And now I have enough library books to have fun counting them
  2. I completed 3 lessons of Latin today after not having done any for a month. I didn't have time in April due to taking part in a writing challenge. I'm now up to a nice round page 100 of the textbook
  3. My good thing for yesterday is that I got to visit 2 libraries and borrowed 7 books - some of which I didn't even know had been released yet. I still don't know when the library where I work will re-open, but things are steadily getting back to normal in terms of being able to borrow from everywhere else I was also able to buy 2 books from a local independent bookshop and my dad and I had 2 very nice take-away lunches from a nearby cafe for £5 in total Although I did learn that take-away soup in a cup can get quite messy
  4. 46, 667 - More counting now that I'm home from voting. Due to Covid, there's a one-way system at the local polling station - and the usual entrance isn't even the exit today Luckily, it's all well signposted, but it was quite confusing at first. Counting the votes will take longer than normal due to Covid precautions too. I wonder if that will include quarantining the ballot boxes in the same way we have to quarantine library books?
  5. 46, 666 - Happy counting as I got to go the library today. Returned two books, took two more out - including finding the latest by one of my favourite authors
  6. 46, 664 - I only watched through the sequel trilogy this year. There are now so many films, it's impossible to fit all 11 live-action ones in one day - unless you start at about 2am Glad you enjoyed Bad Batch. I don't have Disney+. I'm hoping they will make Mandalorian etc available on disc at some point for those of us who either can't afford subscription services or can't access them due to location. Plus, I like having physical discs - especially with something like SW, where you can have a whole chronological display of them all.
  7. 46, 662 - Adding a number on Star Wars day before I start the annual film marathon Also, Spotify has turned the timing bar into a lightsabre on my Star Wars playlist
  8. 46, 661 - Friday counting. Thankfully no-one was hurt in the fire, although it's caused some local roads and local schools to be closed all week due to issues with the building being unsafe and concerns over pollutants in the smoke. In the case of the schools, they were not able to open windows and ventilate the classrooms properly, which is required at the moment as a Covid precaution. In happier news, I achieved my goal of writing 30,000 words this month Although the story still isn't finished yet. I thought it would be, but my characters have had other ideas
  9. 46, 660 - That is an astonishing amount of money @Malahide It would take most people in normal jobs 10-20 years to earn that much I went out shopping earlier today and saw a large fire near the motorway that runs through my town The fire is in an industrial building near the road, and the smoke was so thick, they may have had to shut the road for a while due to visibility/safety issues. There is also advice to keep windows and doors shut due to concerns about the smoke. I just hope no-one was hurt. It started a couple of hours ago, around lunchtime, so hopefully people may have gone
  10. 46, 658 - The two Spanish teams are both apparently around 1bn euro in debt - which is probably why they're clinging to such a potentially lucrative project. Although the Real Madrid president really needs to stop talking now - he's embarrassing himself with his insistence that it will still happen - and his entitled attitude that it "must happen" because his club "need" the money to make their planned summer signings. He clearly hasn't grasped the concept that sometimes plans change, especially when a pandemic means you're short of money I know that Haaland kid is good, but I'm no
  11. 46, 656 - Agreed @Malahide It was a ridiculous, greedy idea. And the club owners are apologising. I can only hope they genuinely mean it. I think part of the problem is the owners of some of the clubs (e.g Liverpool, Manchester United) are Americans who don't understand the traditions of European football. A closed, invitation-only league would be boring - and they'd be keeping the money to themselves as well. That's not how we do things. We want our leagues to be fair and open to whoever is good enough to get promoted into them. Look at how exciting it was when Leicester won the Premier
  12. 46, 654 - Starting the day with some counting. Good thing I checked the schedule this weekend - the Formula 1 practices and qualifying have been moved so as not to clash with Prince Philip's funeral.
  13. 46, 652 - @Malahide We've had some really nice sunshine in the last couple of days. Not especially warm, but the sun has made a nice change. Maybe I should try and send some of that over to you? Now I need to get on with counting today's words in my writing.
  14. 46, 649 - Happy counting as I got to go to a library *and* a bookshop today It felt good to have a change of scenery after months at home. I hope your work picks up @peterferris8 I'm guessing people in your area are maybe a bit nervous about going out just yet.
  15. I had very few side effects. Some cold shivers the first night after the vaccination and I felt a bit fatigued the day after, but nothing really apart from that. I know some people have felt feverish and had cold/flu-like side effects, but I didn't. My good thing for today is that I managed to have a day out to another town. I returned some library books, borrowed 2 more and bought 2 more books from an independent bookshop that's one of my favourites. I also got to visit one of my favourite comic shops and catch up with the owners for the first time in months, as well as buying a Star War
  16. That's a whole other question. I'm not fanatical about the royals myself, and the idea of one family being put above the rest of us does look increasingly outdated - especially if you don't believe the religious aspect. Equally, I wouldn't like the idea of our politicians having any more power than they already do - especially some of the current lot. We've seen in America and Brazil how you can very easily end up with very unsuitable people being president. And a number of other European countries still have monarchies (Netherlands, Spain, Norway etc) and they seem to be happy wit
  17. 46, 647 - I dread to think what the pubs are going to be like The situation is not helped by the tabloid press hyping things up and making their readers think that it's some sort of national duty to rush to their local and get absolutely trollied. I pity the police and ambulance people who'll have to deal with the aftermath. Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for confirmation as to when some of the local libraries will reopen. The larger ones have confirmed they will reopen immediately, but the smaller ones (including the one where I work) may take a little while longer as they're run by pa
  18. It has also been confirmed this afternoon/evening that the rapper and actor DMX has died, aged 50 U2 posted a message on their social media pages in support of him just a couple of days ago following the news that he was in hospital having suffered a heart attack. He was put on a life support machine, but sadly did not recover. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-56687578
  19. Buckingham Palace has just announced the death of the Queen's husband, Prince Philip. He was 99. He had been in hospital recently, but died peacefully at home at Windsor Castle. He was the longest-serving Royal Consort in the history of the British royal family, having been married to the Queen since 1947, when she was still Princess Elizabeth. Philip could sometimes put his foot in it with awkward comments (sometimes bordering on racism), but I think part of that was down to his age and the attitudes he would have been brought up with. It's difficult to imagine what Her Majes
  20. 45, 645 - Evening weather update: we had even more snow earlier this evening. @Malahide I think you must have sent it over here
  21. 45, 644 - Latest weather report from the UK: We had some snow overnight! @Malahide It's melted away now, but our neighbour's car had a blanket of snow on it first thing this morning.
  22. 45, 643 - We had a few odd flakes of snow this morning, along with some hailstones, but only for a few minutes. Apart from that, it's been a lovely warm, sunny day. Let's see if the snow reaches over here in the next day or so. Could cause mayhem if it does - most things shut down if we get even the slightest bit of snow And I didn't have any other side-effects from the vaccination.
  23. 45, 641 - Morning counting. I didn't sleep much last night - I had some minor side effects from the Covid jab, cold chills and shivering a lot, but I'm feeling better this morning. Hopefully that's as bad as the side effects will get. Some of my friends have had cold/flu-like symptoms for a couple of days afterward, but I seem to have avoided that so far.
  24. I had my first Covid vaccination this morning. It looks like the health service in my town may well have already got round to doing my whole age group - and there was a good, steady stream of people coming in to get theirs, so hopefully that means most people in the area are accepting the vaccine when they're called for it. It was very quick and I barely even felt the needle. Nothing to worry about at all I have the appointment sorted for the second dose - and it's just after my birthday. My present for this year is being protected from Covid.
  25. 45, 640 - @Malahide Around half of our population have had a first dose, although there's a larger gap than normal (currently 12 weeks) between first and second doses, so there's not that many people who have had the second dose to be fully protected yet - mainly only the very elderly and clinically vulnerable. The thinking is to give as many people as possible at least partial protection as quickly as possible. It seems to be working so far. Our government may be a mess, but our health service is brilliant at these kinds of things Apparently my town/local area is motoring through v
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