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  1. Shanny vs Tang in the men's archery tomorrow - seems a bit fishy to me...
  2. And we got the silver! Just a few minutes after winning bronze in the men's trap.
  3. Several more bronze medals over the past couple of days - one for taekwondo (after an agonising last-second defeat in the semifinal, very reminiscent of Lutalo Muhammad in Rio!), a surprise medal in the women's team gymnastics, and Charlotte Dujardin adds to her dressage medal collection in both the team and individual events. We are also guaranteed at least one medal in the boxing as Karriss Artingstall is through to the semifinals. Gutted about the men's four this morning - we've had that gold medal since 2000 so it really felt like "ours" and I've always been desperate to see us defend
  4. Wow, an unexpected 1-2 for Team GB in the pool.
  5. It was another silver, and we have also picked up a second in the triathlon!
  6. Gold medals coming out of our ears this morning! So happy for Tom Daley who finally got one at his fourth Olympics - I was in tears watching their celebrations! Then we got another in the mountain biking (our first ever medal in that event). And we have a second taekwondo finalist later - will it be gold or silver?
  7. And now we have a gold. What a machine Adam Peaty is!
  8. Add to that a triathlon silver! (Why the heck did they start the race when half the field still had a large boat in front of them?!)
  9. Also, the France v South Africa men's football match was a good one!
  10. Impressive performances from the first GB medallists - judo bronze and taekwondo silver.
  11. Thought there should be a thread for this now that the sport has begun! Good start for Team GB's footballers this morning, and a bit of an upset for the USA...
  12. !! What a lovely chicken! ❤️ Welcome!
  13. My top 4 are Achtung Baby, How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb, Songs Of Innocence, Zooropa. Below that I'm less sure of the order but I'd probably put Pop at No.5. Weirdly I rank all the odd-numbered albums higher than the even-numbered albums, apart from Zooropa (and I disliked that to begin with). I'm hoping that means I will enjoy the next one!
  14. Your messages of appreciation for the England team ❤️
  15. It would have been a huge surprise if England won tonight. I'm really just delighted that we got further than the '96 team and didn't get totally thrashed in the final. I wish the players felt as positive about it as I do! Congrats to Italy, I am happy for them.
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