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  1. Personally I'm not bothered about the 3D aspect but I would just love the chance to see the film again, preferably on YouTube or U2.com if it's possible...
  2. Yes, especially when you have to keep re-downloading the same tracks each time they add a couple more!
  3. You could try U2songs - https://www.u2songs.com/news/ I don't think there have been any recent reports of band activity or plans, though.
  4. And I wrote this about One in September 2007: Damn, I made myself cry again re-reading that...
  5. We had a regular song discussion feature in another fan community years ago, and I wrote up some of the performances from this concert. Thought I'd share a couple here in case anyone likes reading that sort of thing. This was my attempt to describe With Or Without You at the end of 2006:
  6. Indeed. I was hoping to upgrade some screencaps I took from the old video a few years ago, but.... oh. Maybe not...
  7. Hmm... the band look great in the remastered video, but it's a shame the screen now looks abysmal!
  8. I was just thinking about Murray the other day, wondering how old he must be now. I was a huge F1 fan from the mid-'90s to mid-2000s. A sad day. Always remember a quote of his that cracked me up during quali back in 2001 - something along the lines of "There will be SEVEN previous winners of the Monaco Grand Prix starting the race tomorrow. Four of them are Michael Schumacher."
  9. Yeah, what ever happened to that documentary?! So weird how it was just pulled without explanation at the last minute. I was looking forward to it.
  10. Yeah, at least some of us didn't get a new code after renewing, but they should email you a new one if you report the problem.
  11. I'd love it if the gift were a collection of new or otherwise unreleased songs that have been rejected for inclusion on an album - songs that would have been released as B-sides if physical singles were still a thing. I'm generally more interested in hearing fresh material than live versions of songs we already know, and if there are songs lying around with nowhere to go, why not share them with the fan club? Even just the occasional MP3 as a subscriber special would be great.
  12. Just looking back over the 16 gifts we've had in the past - 10 CDs (one that also came with a T-shirt, one with a book), 1 book on its own, 3 vinyl, 1 set of art prints, and 1 DVD. Clearly everyone in this thread has wildly different preferences, but for what it's worth, here are mine: I've been happy with all of the CD gifts (some were better than others but they all seemed like a decent idea at least), and it was nice when they came with something else as a bonus. Books are always welcome and accessible to almost everyone (I'd love to see Willie's diaries from the past few tours, which are i
  13. If only there were a high-profile social / political issue that began with "Q".....
  14. They've done X with Xanax And Wine - only missing Q...
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