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  1. The Joshua Tree won! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-54467937 I knew Gary Davies would be pleased with this result - I have very fond memories of him raving about U2 all the time on his Virgin Radio show, when I was just getting into the band.
  2. The Fly's black leather outfit and MacPhisto's gold suit were both designed by Joe Casely-Hayford, if that helps?
  3. Perhaps they only did special celebrations for Adam and Bono because they were milestone birthdays. Might have to wait till next year for Edge and Larry viewing parties!
  4. Me too... not my first U2 shows, but the first time I had the proper live U2 experience that I'd always dreamed of. I will never forget that weekend. (I wrote it up in great detail afterwards and shared our photos here, for anyone who is interested.)
  5. There are some early Pop cover designs here with different titles: http://www.u2songs.com/news/pop_reissued_remastered_collected_and_dreams http://www.u2interference.com/forums/f195/stealing-hearts-at-a-travelling-show-large-scans-201099.html
  6. The Vertigo Tour was so special for me that I made a whole website about the experience. Very, very fond memories. It's a shame the official DVD really doesn't reflect the tour we saw in Europe, and they never released the full Milan show or U2 3D in a home video format.
  7. I thought it was meant to be like a sunrise, which is very fitting as it often follows the "darkness" songs.
  8. I finally figured out where the link appears (other than in the original news article) - it's one of the rolling features at the top of the front page. You have to click on the second of the four spots underneath, then on the red 'More here...' rectangle.
  9. Canadanne

    U2 dreams

    I dreamt last night that U2 were, for unknown reasons, recording a new album in my house (and I had the feeling it was not the first time they'd done so). They seemed to be busy in some room that doesn't exist in real life, but Edge came out for a chat, which was lovely. He told us an anecdote that I'd read in an online interview the day before, and I thought it was so much cooler hearing it in person!
  10. Mine arrived this afternoon, much to my surprise as the online tracking gave no indication that it was even on its way yet!
  11. I loved him as Frodo in the BBC radio play, too. And fondly remember Sunday teatimes watching The Borrowers as a kid! A sad loss indeed.
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