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  1. Is that the hairstyle Bono described as "a cross between a badger and a mollusc"?
  2. Something I haven't yet heard, on a format I can listen to - yay. Thank you!
  3. Ohh, that's triggered a long-forgotten memory - I think I only ever spotted a band member on there once, and possibly took a screencap of it. (Just checked to see if I mentioned it online and I did, on 31st July: "Wheeeee! My first U2 sighting! Edge is giving the camera a funny look." I also wondered "Who's the guy in the white top who's been wandering around all evening??")
  4. I loved this intro so much! http://web.archive.org/web/20010123225000/http://u2.com:80/flashintro.html
  5. I mentioned the original temporary U2.com in my diary at the end of July 2000 - something about trying to stream a clip of Beautiful Day on there, and the studio webcam that was taken down on 1st August - but I didn't make a note of when it first appeared. The official version (with the flash intro and all the features) then launched on 28th October 2000, so the anniversary was a few weeks ago. My favourite feature was the Oracle - anyone remember that?
  6. Oh no! Remember gratefully listening to her Mixlrs several times on the EI Tour.
  7. Don't have a cable, unfortunately. All the previous streams had the option to choose your own quality setting - I hope they add this back for any future ones.
  8. This is buffering every few seconds for me and I can't see any option to change the video quality settings. :/
  9. The Joshua Tree won! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-54467937 I knew Gary Davies would be pleased with this result - I have very fond memories of him raving about U2 all the time on his Virgin Radio show, when I was just getting into the band.
  10. The Fly's black leather outfit and MacPhisto's gold suit were both designed by Joe Casely-Hayford, if that helps?
  11. Even the screen is impressed by his playing...
  12. Perhaps they only did special celebrations for Adam and Bono because they were milestone birthdays. Might have to wait till next year for Edge and Larry viewing parties!
  13. Agreed, that's a fascinating disc - I was expecting it to be a bit rubbish, but there's so much great stuff in these alternate versions. It's an amazing gift, like being given a time machine so we could hear a whole bunch of "new" material from Bono at his vocal peak. I love the previously unheard bonus tracks on the B-sides disc, too. My personal favourite thing was the Naked City DVD and Easter Eggs from the Zooropa Tour - sooo grateful for those!
  14. Me too... not my first U2 shows, but the first time I had the proper live U2 experience that I'd always dreamed of. I will never forget that weekend. (I wrote it up in great detail afterwards and shared our photos here, for anyone who is interested.)
  15. There are some early Pop cover designs here with different titles: http://www.u2songs.com/news/pop_reissued_remastered_collected_and_dreams http://www.u2interference.com/forums/f195/stealing-hearts-at-a-travelling-show-large-scans-201099.html
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