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  1. My new code hasn't appeared yet either, but it took a while to show up last year too, so I'm just waiting for now...
  2. Once we've renewed for 2024, do we need to hit the REDEEM button straight away for Volume 2 of the book, or wait till later in the year when it's ready to be shipped?
  3. Interesting LIB whispers from the night we didn't have a stream, definitely in English this time! Can't make it out entirely, but part of it sounds like "They're gonna tell you goddess with a broken heart, there's someone out there"? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5imKnvGRjg&t=20m34s (I am also fairly sure he sang "Squeeze the candle" that night, haha.)
  4. I went to listen to this again, and discovered I had totally missed him singing "She's a dollar burning in my room" a bit earlier, LOL!! (I love how Edge glances at Adam in confusion, probably wondering if he's lost track of where they are in the song, then winks when he sees Bono looking at him!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvCuKWEQJuw&t=3m08s
  5. It sounds like "A happy Internet now"? Intrigued as to what he was referring to... did someone tell him about the Boom Cha delirium? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8366kOl5xjw&t=1m06s
  6. (You know it's been a good night when the sidebar is three MacPhistos and a dinosaur with propellers)
  7. Well that was pure glorious chaos from start to finish. I'm glad we were all in it together! Thank you once again to the Mixlr crew! BOOM CHA!!
  8. I was distracted by the helicopteros, but are you sure it wasn't "Here's Beautiful Day"
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