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  1. I'm not sure if a "Happy Birthday, Bono" thread has been started(the 2nd covid shot has me in a fog)so I wanted to start a thread to wish Bono the Happiest of Birthdays and many more!!
  2. I got my second covid shot on Thursday, felt awful on Friday (Yesterday) and much better today!!
  3. Actually the fracture was near my elbow, but I'm grateful I didn't require surgery and the pt was completed in Mid August. As for the Covid-19 the stuckness feeling is still there, just not as bad as it used to be after being able to return to work. As for insurance, I totally get where you're coming from since a family member had a stroke back in late January and we're dealing with a lot of "red tape" where insurance is concerned.
  4. Currently dealing with a bad situation on the homefront which has us adjusting to "the new normal"
  5. I got a Christmas card from the U2 card exchange which provided a bit of sunshine during a week filled with gloominess.
  6. April 20th. 1992-Zoo Tour, Tacoma. Washington December 12th. PopMart Tour, Seattle,Washington June 4th 2011, 360 Tour, Seattle, Washington May 14th. Joshua Tree Tour 30th. Anniversary, Seattle,WA.
  7. Ok here are my 2 stories, August 18th 2002, I had just returned home from work and heard my older brother arrive. He charged up the stairs and into the hall which led to my room. A gut feeling told me to follow him when he turned around and showed me two of the most adorable kittens. My brother said "the orange one is a boy, the other one is a girl, brother, sister and popped them on my bed. After he left, the kittens looked up at me with their blue eyes as if they were saying "are you are new mommy?" The kitties lived with us all of their lives until it was their time to
  8. Thanks Everyone who participated because we (my family & I) were totally amazed at the beautiful cards which came in the mail and they totally brightened a very tough year ((HUGS))
  9. I did some much needed baking starting with the Double Tree cookies (recipe is in the Christmas cards) and finally made a Quiche Lorraine.
  10. I agree because it would be something to look forward to if the site did something for it's anniversary!!
  11. My good thing is actually a memory. Twenty three years ago I saw U2 in concert and the show was actually the final concert in the Seattle Kingdome. I remember still remember being amped (instead of the usual tired) up on my way to show after going to dinner at Westlake center and seeing so many bandmember look a likes at the venue. In fact, when I boarded the Seattle Metro it was standing room only and I came face to face with a guy dressed up as Larry Mullin Jr. LOL
  12. My Hairdryer (purchased online) arrived a couple days early!!!
  13. I sent the rest of the Christmas cards off for this year's card exchange!!
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