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  1. Currently feeling bitchy this morning especially at the stupid commercial where a bunch of celebrities chant "We're all in this together" broadcast from their Mc Mansions and their happy, happy lives that's all.
  2. I can relate on the melt downs because I've had a few lately. In fact, I've been doing so deep thinking and to be honest it never bothered me of being single and as a result o quarantine, it's beginning to scare me to death.
  3. I'm back to cooking and have a quiche in the on right now!!
  4. The rotation part of my right elbow is finally working again!!
  5. Very true because the last thing we needed was me going into surgery!!
  6. I completed my first full week of physical therapy and starting to notice a difference!!
  7. My splint which was causing me great anxiety is fiinally off!!
  8. Ouch, I hate migraines and needles too.
  9. AQ bit nervous about tomorrow mornings dr appointment because I'm praying they do a scan and place a cast on my arm for the final 3-4 weeks.
  10. Anxiety due to my arm being in a splint. after slipping and falling on ice.
  11. The swelling in my arm has gone down after fracturing it on Tuesday night.
  12. I made rice crispy treats, blew up some balloons, got out some 2020 New Year Glasses in order to welcome 2020 which will be (fingers crossed) a better year!!
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